in stitches

I am writing this post to you with one and a half hands. I managed to cut my thumb yesterday while cutting through an onion. And, of course, as I got to the sink, I passed out. Luckily, the FH was there to catch me before I ht the floor. At first, we didn't think it was bad but then he took the towel off of it and realized that we needed to go to the doctors.

We decided to go the the urgent care place up the road. The FH filled out my paperwork as I held my finger in a towel. (He also wrote husband as his relationship to me. He does know we aren't married yet, right?)

The doctor who worked on my finger was definitely a loon. He kind of rambled and talked to himself and never really formed full sentences. I managed to pass out again while they numbed my finger. A student was observing stitches for the first time and it must have been traumatizing because I don't just pass out, I normally shake like I am having a seizure for a few seconds. The FH said the student had no idea what to do.

Personally, I blame Martha since I learned to cut an onion when she was on one of those talk shows one day. I just hope I can get the stitches out on Tuesday since we are leaving on Wednesday to go get married in Jamaica. Ugh.

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  1. yeah actually i meant to post something. oops!

    wow martha is such an asshole. its like she was trying to injure you before your wedding. what a jerk.


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