francophile friday: french cahiers

So I don't always post on Fridays (I normally try to post Sunday through Thursday) but I would like to start doing a regular feature on the blog called francophile fridays. Now, don't hold me to this, it may not be every week. Or I may just get too excited about something to wait to post about it. Are there other francophiles reading that would enjoy this feature?

I have been wanting to share these cute French notebooks with you for awhile now. You can find them at Urban Outfitters (online only); a set of three for $16. I love the french writing and vintage feel. They would make great stocking stuffers or a fab birthday gift for a fellow francophile. Tres mignon, non?

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  1. wow, i love them! urban outfitters did this adorable paris themed purse a while back too which i loved :)
    Olivia x


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