flower options at beaches negril

For those of you planning or thinking about planning a wedding at a Beaches resort (or Sandals), I wanted to talk to you about flower options.

At first, I was going to try and figure out a centerpiece that I could take down and assemble at the resort. But with carrying down the OOT bag items and other things we needed for the wedding, I soon realized that this would be a bigger hassle than it was worth. We decided to go with the most inexpensive Martha Stewart theme for the tables, Beautiful Beginnings. They only show magenta flowers in the packet that you get, but I found out you can get white orchids which I thought would look best. Here is a picture someone took. They were simple, just like we wanted.
They still put magenta flowers on the cake but at that point I really didn't care. It was pretty.

I also wanted an orchid in my hair and I found one on Etsy that I really liked. Of course, I waited too long to get it, it was sold, and the seller couldn't locate the materials she had used. I decided to see if the resort had fresh white flowers for my hair. I had two options: three buds of dendrodium orchids (less expensive) or one white cymbidium orchid (more expensive). I opted to go the less expensive route. The day of the wedding the stem had more than three flowers and, somehow, I ended getting two stems so I gave three flowers to my maid of honor for her hair and we put a ton in mine.

I decided that I definitely wanted to upgrade my bouquet because I didn't want the presentation style bouquet that was included the Beautiful Beginnings theme. I just felt like it is so awkward to hold. I knew I wanted something in white and something more tropical (no roses). I loved the Vision in White theme bouquet but the price was way out of our budget. There were choices outside of the themes so I decided on the five white cymbidium orchids and five white gladiola stems. For the bridesmaids, we were originally going to use parasols, but I wasn't that impressed when we received them, so I decided to get bouquets. After talking to some of the bridesmaids, we decided on one stem with four blooms of white cymbidium orchids intermingled with five medium shells with five green leaves. The only thing with choosing the flowers was that our wedding coordinator didn't have any pictures to show us. The shell thing kind of made me nervous but I decided to take a leap. All the bouquets turned out beautifully, though.
Mine is the one in the front and the bridesmaid bouquets are all around it.

If you are planning a destination wedding with Beaches or Sandals feel free to leave comments or questions below or send me an email.

What flowers did you choose (or would you choose) for your destination wedding?


  1. I also wanted to add: The reason I went with white for everything was to make sure everything went together well which would have been hard to do since they really didn't have pictures for much. This took that stress off.

  2. Hi, I know this is old but were the bridesmaid bouquets included in the package? If not, what was the approximate price? Did the flowers wilt in your hair?


    1. hey! email me at morgan.designblanc{at}gmail{dot}com. we can chat!

  3. Hey ... I am in the midst of planning our wedding in early August at the same Beaches in Negril. I am keeping things very low key and had a few questions to ask before I chat with the wedding planner. Are you still able to lend an ear?


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