destination wedding oot bags

One thing that was really important to me was doing Out-of-Town Bags for our wedding guests. I knew that I would probably be running around like a crazy person the few days before the wedding so I wanted something that would welcome the guests and get them excited for the festivities. This was really one of my favorite wedding projects. And so we packed a whole suitcase of goodies...

My bridesmaid, Alissa, and my sister, Sydney, helped me put the bags together the first night we were down there. At home, Alissa and my friend, Chrissy, had helped me paint blue canvas bags with "Negril Jamaica" on the front and our wedding date on the back. The bags had all different designs.

For those of you planning a tropical OOT bag, I thought it might be helpful to see what I put in the bag and where I got everything. The bag included:

- a folder with a welcome letter, information about the resort, and wedding poem written by my friend (folders found at Staples)

- a palm tree "safety kit" that Chrissy had helped me put together at home that had band-aids, Tylenol, and lip balm with SPF (bags and stamp found at Micheal's; band-aids from Walmart; lip balm and Tylenol found at the dollar store)

- a palm tree pen (found online at Oriental Trading Company)

- a mini pad of paper with a palm tree and "Negril, Jamaica, October 16, 2010" on the front (found online at Invitations by Dawn)

- mini tropical playing cards (found at Oriental Trading Company)

- a flip-flop bookmark that also told you the temperature (found at Oriental Trading Company)

- tissues (found at the dollar store)

- an activity book of some kind (found at the dollar store)

- peanuts, crackers, and gum (found at Sam's Club)

- door hanger that said "Please, do not disturb, getting ready for Morgan and Rich's wedding" on one side and "Please, do not disturb, recovering from Morgan and Rich's wedding" on the other (supplies were from what I had around the house)

Please feel free to share your OOT bag ideas! Did you do an OOT bag or have you ever received a really fun one?

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  1. I got married on the Eastern Shore on over the 4th of July weekend, so that was the theme for my OOT baskets. Some of the things I had in mine were cookies shaped like a crab, old bay, MD pencils, a MD travel guide, sparklers, blue and white M&M's with out names on them (my husband and I went to Penn State), sea salt peanuts, Gunners Tea (which a Chesapeake Bay Retriever on the front), etc. All of these were put into mini bushel baskets, and of course were wrapped with lots of red, white, and blue curly ribbon. They were a ton of work, but so much fun!


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