cover me in a woolen cape

I really am loving all the capes for fall. I was kind of hoping to teach myself how to sew one but with the wedding fast approaching, there will not be enough time (at least not before-hand). I can't decide if I want one in camel or black but I think I am leaning towards camel (since I wear a lot of black clothing). I think I would want one with a hood, as well.

Zara Ash Grey Woolen Studio Cape, $169

Hanii Y "Norah" Cashmere-Wool Cape Coat, $685

Oasis Wool Mix Duffle Cape (from Asos), $126.38

I am just not sure how they would look on a larger chest. Maybe I need to go with one that it is more fitted?

What do you think? Do you like the cape look?

{images from here, here, and here}


  1. I think it would look good if you do something skinny on the bottom to balance it out

  2. definitely agree with alissa; you might want to try some on first too. being busty and on the shorter end of the spectrum, it could be a hard look to pull off. models always make trends look so deceiving!


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