flower options at beaches negril

For those of you planning or thinking about planning a wedding at a Beaches resort (or Sandals), I wanted to talk to you about flower options.

At first, I was going to try and figure out a centerpiece that I could take down and assemble at the resort. But with carrying down the OOT bag items and other things we needed for the wedding, I soon realized that this would be a bigger hassle than it was worth. We decided to go with the most inexpensive Martha Stewart theme for the tables, Beautiful Beginnings. They only show magenta flowers in the packet that you get, but I found out you can get white orchids which I thought would look best. Here is a picture someone took. They were simple, just like we wanted.
They still put magenta flowers on the cake but at that point I really didn't care. It was pretty.

I also wanted an orchid in my hair and I found one on Etsy that I really liked. Of course, I waited too long to get it, it was sold, and the seller couldn't locate the materials she had used. I decided to see if the resort had fresh white flowers for my hair. I had two options: three buds of dendrodium orchids (less expensive) or one white cymbidium orchid (more expensive). I opted to go the less expensive route. The day of the wedding the stem had more than three flowers and, somehow, I ended getting two stems so I gave three flowers to my maid of honor for her hair and we put a ton in mine.

I decided that I definitely wanted to upgrade my bouquet because I didn't want the presentation style bouquet that was included the Beautiful Beginnings theme. I just felt like it is so awkward to hold. I knew I wanted something in white and something more tropical (no roses). I loved the Vision in White theme bouquet but the price was way out of our budget. There were choices outside of the themes so I decided on the five white cymbidium orchids and five white gladiola stems. For the bridesmaids, we were originally going to use parasols, but I wasn't that impressed when we received them, so I decided to get bouquets. After talking to some of the bridesmaids, we decided on one stem with four blooms of white cymbidium orchids intermingled with five medium shells with five green leaves. The only thing with choosing the flowers was that our wedding coordinator didn't have any pictures to show us. The shell thing kind of made me nervous but I decided to take a leap. All the bouquets turned out beautifully, though.
Mine is the one in the front and the bridesmaid bouquets are all around it.

If you are planning a destination wedding with Beaches or Sandals feel free to leave comments or questions below or send me an email.

What flowers did you choose (or would you choose) for your destination wedding?


francophile friday: dirrrty french

I have been wanting to buy French slang books lately. It just seems silly, though, since I haven't been speaking French with anyone. Maybe I will just do it anyway...

Dirty French by Adrien Clautier and Henry Rowe

Talk Dirty French by Alexis Munier and Emmanuel Tichelli

hide this french book by APA Editors

Are there any that you would recommend? How is your French slang?


destination wedding oot bags

One thing that was really important to me was doing Out-of-Town Bags for our wedding guests. I knew that I would probably be running around like a crazy person the few days before the wedding so I wanted something that would welcome the guests and get them excited for the festivities. This was really one of my favorite wedding projects. And so we packed a whole suitcase of goodies...

My bridesmaid, Alissa, and my sister, Sydney, helped me put the bags together the first night we were down there. At home, Alissa and my friend, Chrissy, had helped me paint blue canvas bags with "Negril Jamaica" on the front and our wedding date on the back. The bags had all different designs.

For those of you planning a tropical OOT bag, I thought it might be helpful to see what I put in the bag and where I got everything. The bag included:

- a folder with a welcome letter, information about the resort, and wedding poem written by my friend (folders found at Staples)

- a palm tree "safety kit" that Chrissy had helped me put together at home that had band-aids, Tylenol, and lip balm with SPF (bags and stamp found at Micheal's; band-aids from Walmart; lip balm and Tylenol found at the dollar store)

- a palm tree pen (found online at Oriental Trading Company)

- a mini pad of paper with a palm tree and "Negril, Jamaica, October 16, 2010" on the front (found online at Invitations by Dawn)

- mini tropical playing cards (found at Oriental Trading Company)

- a flip-flop bookmark that also told you the temperature (found at Oriental Trading Company)

- tissues (found at the dollar store)

- an activity book of some kind (found at the dollar store)

- peanuts, crackers, and gum (found at Sam's Club)

- door hanger that said "Please, do not disturb, getting ready for Morgan and Rich's wedding" on one side and "Please, do not disturb, recovering from Morgan and Rich's wedding" on the other (supplies were from what I had around the house)

Please feel free to share your OOT bag ideas! Did you do an OOT bag or have you ever received a really fun one?


we're back!

We are back from our wedding and honeymoon in Jamaica! I have so much to share with all of you over the next few weeks. The resort photographer is not allowed to edit their photos so I won't be able to share those until I finish teaching myself photoshop and edit the pictures. (If anyone has any tips on how to get rid of sweat in photos that would be seriously helpful considering that is was HOT!!) For now, you will just have to enjoy this photo of our first kiss as husband and wife...


one week!

In one week, I AM GETTING MARRIED!! Woot, woot! I am so excited!

We actually leave in the wee hours Wednesday morning for Jamaica so I am busy getting a few last minute things together and packing. I can't believe it is happening for real!

So I guess I will be back in two weeks but until then, I leave you with the very first picture of the FH and I together. Look how young we were! (And the picture is so grainy - remember disposable cameras?)

September 2005


francophile friday: talc

So I don't have children, but if I did and had an unlimited budget, I would definitely dress them in clothing from the French childrens brand, Talc. Their collections are tres chic yet incredibly adorable and fun. These are some items from their fall/winter collection for 2010/2011.

I am thinking maybe I am so obsessed because I secretly wish I could fit into their clothes.

You can find their clothing at SMALLable, which is an online children's store with many French designers. The stuff on their website is to die for! And I love their magazine!

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touch your boobs

In honor of breast cancer month, I want to encourage you all to touch your boobs. I think many of us have been touched by breast cancer in some way (my grandmother had it) and early detection is key. I am so thankful that I still have my grandmother here to travel through life with me (and to watch me get married next weekend!)

Even if you are young, you should do breast examinations at least once a month. It helps you to become familiar with your body so you will notice any changes in the future.


In the mirror:
* Hold your arms at your side
* Hold your hands over your head

* Press your hands on your hips and tighten your chest muscles
* Bend forward with your hands on your hips


Lying down:
* Lie down on your back with a pillow under your right shoulder
* Use the pads of the three middle fingers on your left hand to check your right breast
* Press using light, medium, and firm pressure in a circle without lifting your fingers off the skin

* Follow and up and down pattern
* Feel for changes in your breast, above and below your collar bone and in your armpit
* Repeat on your left breast using your right hand

Step 2 can be repeated while bathing or showering using soapy hands.

{images and information found here}


in stitches

I am writing this post to you with one and a half hands. I managed to cut my thumb yesterday while cutting through an onion. And, of course, as I got to the sink, I passed out. Luckily, the FH was there to catch me before I ht the floor. At first, we didn't think it was bad but then he took the towel off of it and realized that we needed to go to the doctors.

We decided to go the the urgent care place up the road. The FH filled out my paperwork as I held my finger in a towel. (He also wrote husband as his relationship to me. He does know we aren't married yet, right?)

The doctor who worked on my finger was definitely a loon. He kind of rambled and talked to himself and never really formed full sentences. I managed to pass out again while they numbed my finger. A student was observing stitches for the first time and it must have been traumatizing because I don't just pass out, I normally shake like I am having a seizure for a few seconds. The FH said the student had no idea what to do.

Personally, I blame Martha since I learned to cut an onion when she was on one of those talk shows one day. I just hope I can get the stitches out on Tuesday since we are leaving on Wednesday to go get married in Jamaica. Ugh.


cover me in a woolen cape

I really am loving all the capes for fall. I was kind of hoping to teach myself how to sew one but with the wedding fast approaching, there will not be enough time (at least not before-hand). I can't decide if I want one in camel or black but I think I am leaning towards camel (since I wear a lot of black clothing). I think I would want one with a hood, as well.

Zara Ash Grey Woolen Studio Cape, $169

Hanii Y "Norah" Cashmere-Wool Cape Coat, $685

Oasis Wool Mix Duffle Cape (from Asos), $126.38

I am just not sure how they would look on a larger chest. Maybe I need to go with one that it is more fitted?

What do you think? Do you like the cape look?

{images from here, here, and here}


a little bit of oxford

So I have been kind of obsessed since all the oxfords starting coming back. But I put the thought of owning a pair aside in my mind. "You CANNOT pull those shoes off! Who do you think you are, silly?"

But I just can't stop thinking about them. I literally have started having dreams about wearing them. And now I am thinking that I really don't care if I look ridiculous. Nothing amazing ever came from playing it safe, right?

J. Crew Camden leather brogues, $250

Anthropologie Gold-Flecked Oxfords, $318

Chealsea Crew Perforated Oxford (from Urban), $68

I am even really liking the heeled oxfords. That mix of masculine and feminine is so perfect.

Seychelles Heeled Oxford (from Urban), $128

I want to try and find a pair for under $50 so I think I am going to have to hunt at Marshalls or online. But if I can't find a pair, the pair from Urban is calling my name.

{images from here, here, and here}


francophile friday: french cahiers

So I don't always post on Fridays (I normally try to post Sunday through Thursday) but I would like to start doing a regular feature on the blog called francophile fridays. Now, don't hold me to this, it may not be every week. Or I may just get too excited about something to wait to post about it. Are there other francophiles reading that would enjoy this feature?

I have been wanting to share these cute French notebooks with you for awhile now. You can find them at Urban Outfitters (online only); a set of three for $16. I love the french writing and vintage feel. They would make great stocking stuffers or a fab birthday gift for a fellow francophile. Tres mignon, non?