viva espresso

I have been meaning to write about this place for awhile now. Viva Espresso is a really cozy cafe in Salisbury. The restaurant boasts comfy chairs and beautiful bookshelves stacked with a good selection of books.
I pretty much get a Euro-style cappuccino every time I go for breakfast and bounce back and forth between a fruit crepe or a fluffy quiche. One day I will get the yogurt parfait that looks so good - I just can't seem to break away from my french food habit. I have been there once for lunch too but I wasn't that impressed. (But this could be I got something with mango and, well, I don't really like mango. I will have to try something else next time.) My only gripe is that they aren't open on Sundays, which seems to be the day that I almost always have an urge to go there. Go and grab yourself a cup of coffee - you will see what I mean. You can find their website here.


  1. I always go to this coffee shop down the street from me and they always make pictures with the foam in my cappuccino like a fern or a heart or a smile face. I try to watch how they do it but I have no idea how they get it to look like that just from pouring the milk on top of the espresso. Also, there is nothing better than a cappuccino in a giant mug ... it's just no good in a to-go cup.

  2. I know! Maybe I need to look into how to make a design in a cappuccino. Anyone?

    The experience of holding the mug is great. I love my oversized mugs at home!


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