third grade dreams: flannel

In third grade, I was a tomboy. I blame this on becoming best friends with Tanya who's style consisted of flannel shirts and faded jeans. I paired my "uniform" with tennis shoes; she normally paired her's with a form of Docs. It drove my mother crazy. Up until that year she could still convince me to wear jumpers and tights.

I have seen A LOT of flannel recently and I have been very tempted to get a shirt or two. But I don't look like those models who are tall and thin (I am "five-three and three quarters"). While they end up looking casual yet chic, I am afraid I am going to look more mountain-man. (I recently tried on a pair of boyfriend jeans and they DID NOT look like they did on the model!)

BDG Boyfriend Flannel Shirt, $38

Ralph Lauren, $165

Forever 21, $19.90

Do you have any flannel in your closest?


  1. By "mountain man" do you mean lumberjack??

  2. haha yes. aren't they one in the same?

  3. not exactly, there are some semantic and connotation issues there...

    and, yes, unfortunately morgan, the boyfriend jean is really only intended for the long and lean. i pretend i can pull them off occasionally, but am lacking on the lean part. i do wear flannel all the time with opaque tights and leather riding boots, though.


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