shoe help for the FH

I was wondering if you could help us out. The FH needs help picking out his wedding shoes and we need to do it quickly. The ceremony will not be directly on the beach; we will probably be on a lawn or in garden at the resort. He is wearing a tan linen suit like the Calvin Klein one I showed here. Here is a few he liked:

Johnston & Murphy 'Rollins' Moc Toe Oxford, $175

Josef Seibel 'Seville' Slip-On, $150

Cole Haan 'Air Holden Venetian' Slip-On, $178

Allen Edmonds 'Santa Monica' Oxford, $199

What shoe do you like best? What shoe do you think will work best with his suit and the over-all feel of the wedding?


  1. This would be medium #4 in this very moment, but anyways, i like the first shoe best. I think Richard's feet are too ugly to get away with the slip on. I think I would like that shade of brown up against the suit.

  2. I agree, i like the style of the 4th one and the 1st one is similar. I like the color of the 1st one but I'm not sure which would go better with the color of the suit.

  3. Okay, at first I was going with the slip ons because they have a "beachy" feel, but since your shoes are more traditional wedding attire, I'd go with the 1st shoe. I think the color would look nicer against the tan suit than #4.

  4. Johnston & Murphy shoe all the way.

  5. i am torn - i really like #1, except that i personally feel square toes are out of style right now. therefore, #4 would have to be my pick but i prefer the color of #1!

  6. I LOVE the 3rd choice. It is dressy, but still has the beachy, worn vibe.

  7. thanks for all of your help! we actually found shoes at a local shoe store yesterday. we found a pair of eccos we really liked but the fh is a size 48 (US 14) and they only had these up to 47. so we went with a very similar but darker pair of eccos.


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