my garter is complete!!

So one of the disadvantages of attending a small college (and maybe the only disadvantage of going to St. Mary's) is not having an abundance of college paraphernalia at your fingertips. I really love all those school-spirited garters (my friend, Ashley, had a Penn State one for her wedding) but unfortunately, there isn't one for my small school on the river.

So I decided to make my own. And, in case you wanted to try, I thought I would share how I did it.

You really can start out with with many different materials. I found wide ribbon (in my school colors) in the dollar bin at Micheal's but you can cut pretty fabric down to the thickness you want. This also could have been sewn on a sewing machine and it would have gone A LOT quicker. I wanted something to do while I was watching TV so I decided to hand sew it.

- fabric/ribbon cut to the length of twice around where you want the garter to sit on your thigh
- elastic cut to the length of once where you want the garter to sit around your leg
- two safety pins
- thread
- needle (or a sewing machine)
- embellishments (buttons, charms, ribbon, brooches)

Place one piece of ribbon on top of another piece of ribbon and pin it in place

Sew, lengthwise, close to the edge of the top ribbon
Repeat on the other side of the ribbon

Once you are finished sewing, take the elastic and attach a safety pin to one end.

With the safety pin going in first, start to thread the elastic through the "tube" you created with the two ribbons

Once the end of the elastic gets the the end of the ribbon, sew the elastic to the ribbon so it doesn't keep slipping through the tube (the safety pin should only be about half-way through the tube at this point)

Start pulling the safety pin through again, now bunching the fabric as you go

Once the safety pin gets to the other end of the ribbon tube, use the other safety pin to pin it in place while you thread your needle to permanently attach it to the ribbon

Once you sew the elastic to the other end, sew the two ends together to form a circle
Even out the fabric bunching and now you have a garter! You can add any embellishments you want. I added a bow and a lacrosse charm (since the FH played lacrosse for St. Mary's).

I would just add that I should have burnt the edges of the ribbon before I started working with it so it wouldn't fray. I had to wait until after to do this.

What do you guys think? Would you try it?

{lacrosse charm found here}


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