grown-up collages

When I was younger, I was OBSESSED with creating collages. I just loved cutting things out of magazines or using different types of paper to create something unique to me. When I hit high school, I learned how to use modge podge to create collages on wine bottles to give as birthday gifts to friends.

I got the Pottery Barn and Restoration Hardware catalogues in the mail recently and I couldn't get rid of them. I just kept moving them from place to place in the house. Suddenly it struck me - if I like the stuff in the catalogues so much, why not have a little fun and create a collage.

It was nice to sit down and do a craft not related to the wedding and something that wasn't practical at all. I did come across problems that you forget when you are so used to cutting and pasting on the computer, though. Sometimes, there are words and prices all over the beautiful item you like. And sometimes, that beautiful couch spans two pages so maybe you should just take the similar chair instead.

Ahh! Doesn't it make you so excited for autumn! A little bit about my style:

1. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the farmhouse look. On end tables, coffee tables, dining room tables - really anything. My dream would be to find some of these items beautifully distressed but not ruined in a salvage yard somewhere. Anyone know of any good ones on the Eastern Shore? Or even in Maryland?

2. Pretty much any time I see a basket with wire I feel an extreme desire to buy it. I am partial to bronze and darker wire but I think silver wire baskets in a pretty white kitchen are beautiful too.

3. I love the look of linen and burlap pillows. Especially when the material was taken from vintage sacks. And, bien sur, a little french writing helps too.

4. Love the look of rustic lanterns and they are so versatile! You can use them as a centerpiece and put really anything in them. Or you can get really large ones and use them as accent pieces on the floor. And they even work for outdoor decorating. (We were going to use lanterns as centerpieces for our "old" wedding.)

5. Globes and maps make my heart swoon! When I have the space, I want to get one that looks like an old world globe and display it for all to see.

6. A new love is furniture with exposed brass nail heads. When we finally have the money to get rid of our 60s couch, I think I am heading in that direction.

7. And, as I have said before, I like anything with distressed wood. Frames, benches, shelves - you name it!

What would your collage have on it?

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