shoe help for the FH

I was wondering if you could help us out. The FH needs help picking out his wedding shoes and we need to do it quickly. The ceremony will not be directly on the beach; we will probably be on a lawn or in garden at the resort. He is wearing a tan linen suit like the Calvin Klein one I showed here. Here is a few he liked:

Johnston & Murphy 'Rollins' Moc Toe Oxford, $175

Josef Seibel 'Seville' Slip-On, $150

Cole Haan 'Air Holden Venetian' Slip-On, $178

Allen Edmonds 'Santa Monica' Oxford, $199

What shoe do you like best? What shoe do you think will work best with his suit and the over-all feel of the wedding?


tuesday farmers' market

I frequent the farmers' market on Market Street on Saturday mornings in downtown Salisbury. Last Tuesday, though, I happen to be driving on Camden Avenue and was surprised to see a farmers market. The FH and I went back later in the early evening and there wasn't as much left but I did get a bottle of local honey (good for allergies). Today, I went back and bought a bunch of beautiful things.
I got vanilla yogurt, cage free eggs, apples, lettuce, and some really colorful tomatoes. (And, yes, I bought them because they were pretty.)

I think I am going to make this part of my Tuesday routine; pick up anything I missed at the Saturday market. I also obsessed with the flower stand. I need to have guests over so I have a reason to spend money on a beautiful bouquet.

The market is located in the parking lot of Asbury Church at 1401 Camden Avenue. They are open from 4:00 - 6:00 pm. Go and have a look for yourself.

Do you go to the farmers' market? Do you have a favorite?


polka dot party

I LOVE polka dots . . . and in any form, really. My obsession started my sophomore year of high school when I got a black skirt with white polka dots from forever 21. My aunts took me on a trip to Williamsburg (more to come later on my obsession with the colonial period) and we went out to dinner. I wore my skirt, a black top, a light khaki trench, and decided to try red lips. It was then that I learned the power of polka dots and red lipstick.

Although my closet already boasts a lot of polka dot pieces, I have been obsessing over expanding my collection. (I normally try to dismiss the urge to buy every item of clothing I see with polka dots for fear of ALWAYS wearing a polka-dotted item and being that crazy polka dot girl.) Here are some items I have been lusting after:

Eva Franco Mullany Dress, $258

J. Crew Polka-dot back-seam tights, $22.50

Line & Dot polka-dot blouse, $79

Talbot Polka-dot knee highs, $12

And what is great about polka-dots is that they never really go out of style, do they? What is your print obsession? (I also love my stripes!!)

{items from here, here, here, and here, respectively}


viva espresso

I have been meaning to write about this place for awhile now. Viva Espresso is a really cozy cafe in Salisbury. The restaurant boasts comfy chairs and beautiful bookshelves stacked with a good selection of books.
I pretty much get a Euro-style cappuccino every time I go for breakfast and bounce back and forth between a fruit crepe or a fluffy quiche. One day I will get the yogurt parfait that looks so good - I just can't seem to break away from my french food habit. I have been there once for lunch too but I wasn't that impressed. (But this could be I got something with mango and, well, I don't really like mango. I will have to try something else next time.) My only gripe is that they aren't open on Sundays, which seems to be the day that I almost always have an urge to go there. Go and grab yourself a cup of coffee - you will see what I mean. You can find their website here.


organic rings & shiny things

Lately, I have been drawn towards more organic and rustic looking jewelry. And it seems to be that I see this style of jewelry more and more.

Dara Ettinger Angelica Knuckle Ring, $120

Double Hammered Oval Drop Earrings, $24

Sounds of Silver Perfectly Petite Pebble Post Earrings, $22.50

Anakim's Handmade Organic Golden Necklace, $51

Kyle Anne Metals Golden Faceted Moonstone Birch ring, $94

I think I feel a need for a metalsmithing jewelry class. What is your jewelry style? Does it change?

Have a great weekend!

{first two items found at Urban and South Moon Under, respectively; other items found on Etsy}


my garter is complete!!

So one of the disadvantages of attending a small college (and maybe the only disadvantage of going to St. Mary's) is not having an abundance of college paraphernalia at your fingertips. I really love all those school-spirited garters (my friend, Ashley, had a Penn State one for her wedding) but unfortunately, there isn't one for my small school on the river.

So I decided to make my own. And, in case you wanted to try, I thought I would share how I did it.

You really can start out with with many different materials. I found wide ribbon (in my school colors) in the dollar bin at Micheal's but you can cut pretty fabric down to the thickness you want. This also could have been sewn on a sewing machine and it would have gone A LOT quicker. I wanted something to do while I was watching TV so I decided to hand sew it.

- fabric/ribbon cut to the length of twice around where you want the garter to sit on your thigh
- elastic cut to the length of once where you want the garter to sit around your leg
- two safety pins
- thread
- needle (or a sewing machine)
- embellishments (buttons, charms, ribbon, brooches)

Place one piece of ribbon on top of another piece of ribbon and pin it in place

Sew, lengthwise, close to the edge of the top ribbon
Repeat on the other side of the ribbon

Once you are finished sewing, take the elastic and attach a safety pin to one end.

With the safety pin going in first, start to thread the elastic through the "tube" you created with the two ribbons

Once the end of the elastic gets the the end of the ribbon, sew the elastic to the ribbon so it doesn't keep slipping through the tube (the safety pin should only be about half-way through the tube at this point)

Start pulling the safety pin through again, now bunching the fabric as you go

Once the safety pin gets to the other end of the ribbon tube, use the other safety pin to pin it in place while you thread your needle to permanently attach it to the ribbon

Once you sew the elastic to the other end, sew the two ends together to form a circle
Even out the fabric bunching and now you have a garter! You can add any embellishments you want. I added a bow and a lacrosse charm (since the FH played lacrosse for St. Mary's).

I would just add that I should have burnt the edges of the ribbon before I started working with it so it wouldn't fray. I had to wait until after to do this.

What do you guys think? Would you try it?

{lacrosse charm found here}


skinny cargo

I am kind of loving the skinny cargo. Maybe I should go try on a pair.

J Brand, $230

Joe's Jeans, $132

Jolt, $44

What do you think? Completely unresistable or a little too military?

{items found here, here, and here, respectively}


pani pit pizza

On Saturday, the FH and I decided to try the new pizza place in north Salisbury, Pani Pit Pizza. I was really hoping this would be a place where you could get a slice of pizza, maybe a side salad, and you don't have a waiter (no tip). There is a great place on the south side of Salisbury (De Pietro's) but it is not on the side of town where we live and it isn't that cheap to get a slice of pizza and a soda. But quite honestly, I expected to be disappointed - I am very picky about my pizza.

The first thing we noticed when we walked in was the extensive menu and the low prices. And they had a plethora of pizzas to choose from for pizza slices. The FH ordered the large 12 inch Italian sub ($6.95) and I ordered a garden salad ($3.50) and a slice of white pizza ($2.75).

First off, for $3.50, I expected the salad just to be some iceberg lettuce and unripened tomatoes. I was pleasantly suprised! The salad came with a good amount of beautiful mixed greens, grape tomatoes, cucumbers, olives, and croutons with a side of house dressing. I love when a place has a good house dressing! The FH's sub was 12 inches but it was STUFFED and with good quality deli meat too. (The above picture doesn't do it justice.) He said, had he known, he would have just gotten the 6 inch. And my white pizza was perfect! Broccoli and ricotta - what more could you ask for?

I will warn you though: the FH got some wings with one of our neighbors for football Sunday and he wasn't that impressed. If you go, I would just stick with what they are great at - the pizza and subs.

When the FH and I find a good food place, we make a plan to go visit often; we certainly don't want them to go out a business and leave us! So today, we decided to forgo our big spaghetti squash and go there again for dinner. The FH got a slice of their Chicago pizza with sausage and ground beef ($3.50) and a slice of their chicken, bacon, and ranch pizza ($2.75). I got a garden salad and a slice of their Margarita pizza ($2.50).

Again - YUM!! But please, stop by there and taste for yourself! You won't be disappointed.

* You can find Pani Pit at 2657 N. Salisbury Blvd.


baltimore wedding at avam

Before autumn is officially here, I want to share a very special summer wedding with all of you. In June, my friend, Joanna, married the love of her life, Darragh. Now, I have known Joanna since fourth grade when she came up to me on the playground, pinched me, and ran away, so I was so glad that I could share this day with both of them.
There were so many unique elements that made up their wedding. Joanna and Darragh did a lot themselves which made the day even more beautiful.
Joanna's dress was custom made for her by her friend and wedding dress designer, Matthew Christopher. Her bridesmaids all wore navy dresses of their own choosing.

Darragh designed his own shoes with Nike using some of the wedding colors, navy and fuchsia.

Joanna went to art school for photography and Darragh is an artist so they picked the American Visionary Art Museum in Baltimore, Maryland for their ceremony and reception site. The ceremony took place on the spiraling staircase inside the museum while the reception took place in the urban barn next door.

Darragh cut down a small birch tree and Joanna stamped each wood piece with the names of the guests and their table. Each table was named after an artist and Darragh created a small painting to go on each table in the artist's style. (Ours was the Dr. Seuss table!) In lieu of a guestbook, Joanna had a wishing tree where guests could hang notes for the newlyweds. For favors, Joanna's mother and aunt made cookies from her grandfather's tea cake recipe.
And, of course, there was dancing!

Joanna and Darragh - I wish you many more years of happiness and love. I miss you guys!!

{all images by PremaPhotographic}


one month...

October 16th, one month from today, I get to finally marry the guy. I AM SO EXCITED!!!

{image found here}


third grade dreams: flannel

In third grade, I was a tomboy. I blame this on becoming best friends with Tanya who's style consisted of flannel shirts and faded jeans. I paired my "uniform" with tennis shoes; she normally paired her's with a form of Docs. It drove my mother crazy. Up until that year she could still convince me to wear jumpers and tights.

I have seen A LOT of flannel recently and I have been very tempted to get a shirt or two. But I don't look like those models who are tall and thin (I am "five-three and three quarters"). While they end up looking casual yet chic, I am afraid I am going to look more mountain-man. (I recently tried on a pair of boyfriend jeans and they DID NOT look like they did on the model!)

BDG Boyfriend Flannel Shirt, $38

Ralph Lauren, $165

Forever 21, $19.90

Do you have any flannel in your closest?


grown-up collages

When I was younger, I was OBSESSED with creating collages. I just loved cutting things out of magazines or using different types of paper to create something unique to me. When I hit high school, I learned how to use modge podge to create collages on wine bottles to give as birthday gifts to friends.

I got the Pottery Barn and Restoration Hardware catalogues in the mail recently and I couldn't get rid of them. I just kept moving them from place to place in the house. Suddenly it struck me - if I like the stuff in the catalogues so much, why not have a little fun and create a collage.

It was nice to sit down and do a craft not related to the wedding and something that wasn't practical at all. I did come across problems that you forget when you are so used to cutting and pasting on the computer, though. Sometimes, there are words and prices all over the beautiful item you like. And sometimes, that beautiful couch spans two pages so maybe you should just take the similar chair instead.

Ahh! Doesn't it make you so excited for autumn! A little bit about my style:

1. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the farmhouse look. On end tables, coffee tables, dining room tables - really anything. My dream would be to find some of these items beautifully distressed but not ruined in a salvage yard somewhere. Anyone know of any good ones on the Eastern Shore? Or even in Maryland?

2. Pretty much any time I see a basket with wire I feel an extreme desire to buy it. I am partial to bronze and darker wire but I think silver wire baskets in a pretty white kitchen are beautiful too.

3. I love the look of linen and burlap pillows. Especially when the material was taken from vintage sacks. And, bien sur, a little french writing helps too.

4. Love the look of rustic lanterns and they are so versatile! You can use them as a centerpiece and put really anything in them. Or you can get really large ones and use them as accent pieces on the floor. And they even work for outdoor decorating. (We were going to use lanterns as centerpieces for our "old" wedding.)

5. Globes and maps make my heart swoon! When I have the space, I want to get one that looks like an old world globe and display it for all to see.

6. A new love is furniture with exposed brass nail heads. When we finally have the money to get rid of our 60s couch, I think I am heading in that direction.

7. And, as I have said before, I like anything with distressed wood. Frames, benches, shelves - you name it!

What would your collage have on it?


figuring out the wedding hair

Although I am getting married in Jamaica, I had a hair trial here at home this weekend at Enza's. Originally, I was going to do it down in Jamaica but I would really only be able to do it the night before and I wanted some time to figure out what I liked, didn't like, and what actually worked with my hair. I went in knowing I wanted a loose curly side bun. But my hair is very thin and isn't that long so we improvised a bit.

I am still trying to figure out if I want it curlier my left hand side. My hair stylist, Zina, also said to think about whether or not I want my hair to sweep over my forehead more. I really like it, though. I normally don't like wearing my hair up because of my ears but she covered them just enough that my ears didn't bother me.

What do you guys think? Any suggestions?