what did you eat today?

I was reading a blog post today of a French girl's trip to Berlin. Some of my favorite pictures were her pictures of the food. When I was in France, I took A LOT of pictures of my food. I don't know why I stopped when I got back to the states.

There are two things you will notice from my pictures:
1. I became obsessed with the salty duck confit and ordered almost everytime we were at a French bistro.
2. French fries come with just about everything.

My family and friends would write me emails making fun of how many pictures I took of food. But let's face it, not only do I love eating and cooking, but I like looking at food too.

I also took a lot of pictures of food that my friend, Nezia, and I cooked at home:

I just realized the insane amounts of food I ate on a daily basis while there (yet, I still lost about fifteen pounds.)

Maybe I should start taking more foodie pictures since they make me smile. What do you think? Do you take pictures of your food?

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