a gripe about "jeggings"

Jean leggings. Or "jeggings" as most stores have started calling them.

I first saw them a few months ago. I was passing through Macy's and saw a bunch of Hue packages that looked like they were for the usual tights. But no, they were leggings made to look like jeans. "Ugh," I said out loud in disgust.

And now they are EVERYWHERE! If I shielded my eyes every time I saw them, I would be blind to the world. I really don't get it. I think that jeans should be fitted, not baggy, but shouldn't look like they are painted on. Painted-on jeans remind me of middle school and early high school when, if you could breath in your jeans, they weren't tight enough.

Now, I will say this. I have not actually gotten up close and personal with a pair, as of yet. And I have certainly not tried any on. Maybe they aren't that bad. I do enjoy a great pair of black leggings. And I hate how sometimes regular jeans don't create clean lines up front where the button is under a long fitted shirt. Maybe I should just try a pair?

And maybe this will remedy those ladies that insist on wearing their jeans a size too small thinking it will make them look thinner when it fact it creates that muffin top and makes them look bigger. Maybe these "stretchy" jeans won't allow for the muffin top anymore.

What do you think of "jeggings?" Have you tried any? Do you own any? Has your life been forever changed by a pair of jean leggings? Just please tell me that they haven't make the back pockets on jeans disappear again.

(Maybe I could take them more seriously if everyone would stop calling them "jeggings.")

{image from Bloomingdale's}


  1. Too funny :) I draw the line at skinny jeans. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  2. Haha yes. I do as well! Hope you are enjoying yours...

  3. Ok I know this post is late BUT I always felt the same way about jeggings.......until I tried a pair. OMG - so comfortable, you'll never take them off. And you can change from flats, to heels, to tucking them into your boots and they don't bunch or do weird things. I now own two pairs that I rotate more than I should. I probably won't ever buy any more but I'm happy I bought them. Now if I ever try on a pair of pajama jeans, I should just be banned from fake denim for life.


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