jcrew fall 2010

Have you seen the J.Crew lookbook for fall? I saw a picture of all the models together a little while ago and I wasn't fully convinced. And, now that I have seen the lookbook, I am still not convinced. I don't particularly LOVE anything and I just think nothing really went well together. I normally look at a J. Crew model with all the beautiful layering and think, "I want that WHOLE outfit." Not the case here. I mean I know the 90s grunge look is apparently coming back (ugh, i know!) but that isn't a reason for the models to look HOMELESS!! It seriously reminds me of one Halloween in high school when I didn't have a costume so I threw on just about everything I owned and called myself a hobo.

But just because I love J. Crew, here are a few pieces that I like (I have cropped most of the pictures so you don't have to see the outfit in its entirety - I wouldn't want to be responsible for hurting your eyes):

I like this striped shirt - but then again I would wear a plastic bag if it had stripes.

I love a good, sparkly skirt (or dress, for that matter). I always say one time I will buy one, but I still don't own one since I never have an excuse to wear it. Maybe a sparkly skirt doesn't need an excuse?

I am oddly drawn to this furry looking vest. I wonder if I could pull it off? Liking the bag too.

This jacket reminds me of a teddy bear. But not like Pooh Bear. Like that cool-teddy-bear-down-the-street-that-you-wish-you-were-friends-with-so-you-could-borrow-her-clothes teddy bear.

I like this crinkly dress. I am not sure if I could pull this color off when I am pale in the fall but I am kind of hoping to see if they have it any other colors. Intrigued.

This was pretty much the leather jacket I was searching for when I was searching for a leather jacket. I bought a darker brown one that I love, but half of me was kind of thinking I should have held out a little longer.

At least they had the sense to add hot pink lipstick to this. Otherwise, it would have been completely drab.

Well, that is it folks. I hope they change my mind with their fall catalogue. I seriously spent many minutes (ok, hours) looking at this lookbook saying "why, WHY!?" in my head before being able to write this. If you would like to look at the lookbook, you can find it here.


  1. Wow you weren't kidding - they seriously look homeless.

  2. haha yea i know!! what is sad is that H&Ms lookbook is like this too. I think it is going to be a very sad, sad fall.


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