if i could register on etsy...

We opened a wedding registry through Macy's, Pottery Barn, and Bed, Bath & Beyond, as well as the honeymoon registry through Sandal's. Sometimes I wish you could register anywhere and you aren't limited to certain stores. (I bet you could do this online somewhere but there are still a large chunk of guests that are not computer savvy.)

Sometimes, when I am browsing through Etsy, I wish I could register for some of the pretty things there. Here are some items that have caught my eye:

I love these French burlap pillows from Styled Spaces. I love how rustic but beautiful all the items in the shop are.

Although I found some frames at Pottery Barn, I was really looking for some brown, distressed wooden frames like the ones you can find at 2 Dogs Wood Working.

I guess, by now, you can tell my home style is very rustic. Isn't this shelf great? You can find it at True Connection.

Apparently, I have a thing for burlap too. This ruffled rustic runner can be found at South House Boutique.

I am not quite sure where I would put this chandelier from Bacon Square Farm, but it just seems to pretty to pass up.

What would you registry for on Etsy?

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