I know that it is in the middle of summer. And I realize that, with the humidity, it has felt like it has been over 100 degrees almost everyday for the past week and a half. For some reason though, I keep looking at pictures of scarves. Not the light airy scarves but the huge chunky, keep-you-warm-in-the-arctic scarves.

I have been wanting a large cream colored scarf for awhile to keep me warm. I wish I could afford getting one custom made by the grannies at Golden Hook.

You can customize your scarf with the length, width, stitch, and color you want and a certified granny makes it for you.

I can never justify paying a lot for a knitted scarf though, or really paying anything for that matter. Why? Well, when I was in elementary school my British grandmother taught me how to knit. I only know one stitch but I used to make scarves for people all the time. I never made any for myself, though. I especially think my British grandmother would frown upon paying $200 for a Golden Hook scarf.

Maybe I will teach myself to purl as well and then finally I can have my chunky cream scarf. If I start now, I can definitely finish one by the time the cold weather comes around. Or maybe I can just ask my grandmother to make me one.

Would you shell out that much for a custom scarf? Have you ever tried to knit?

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