delayed sunday thank-you, for survival kit crafting

Do you remember Chrissy from her beautiful wedding here? Well, she came to visit us this weekend, with her two beautiful pooches. Peyton was glad to have friends here to keep her company.

Chrissy helped me put together the "island survival kits" to put in the out of town bags for our wedding guests. We stamped each with with a palm tree, threw in some survival necessities (Tylenol, lip balm with spf, etc.), and tied them up with pretty ribbon. We had a lot of fun - Chrissy loves to craft as much as I do and REALLY helped me with ideas.

Thanks again Chrissy! See you at the shower!


  1. You're welcome! I'm always glad to help, especially when crafts are involved :-)

  2. well come back soon and we will craft again!


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