cake art in salisbury

My friend, Julie, and I decided to take a walk last week during our lunch break and check out the new Cake Art shop in downtown Salisbury. The owner, Susan Patt, actually made my future-sister-in-law's wedding cake while she was still at Classic Cakes. Unfortunately, I had had a few too many to even remember if I had some cake but her cake was beautiful. Here is a picture I took:
And here is a picture of them cutting the cake:
Don't they look so happy!!

I met Susan a few months ago at a wedding fair before we had decided to move the wedding to Jamaica and she had samples. Yummmmmmy!

So when my future-mother-in-law let in slip that she was in there ordering my shower cake (I know I am so excited!), I asked her if she also sold cupcakes. She said there were a few out while she was in there and some places to sit.

So this past Thursday I got the Fourth of July cupcake which was yellow cake, cream cheese frosting, and had blueberries and a raspberry on top. It was so yummy! I forgot to take a picture until I was almost finished. I scarfed it down at my desk:
Cake Love has some competition. Luckily, there are no Cake Love's on the Eastern Shore.

A cupcake is $2.50. Gourmet cupcakes are the only cupcakes I really like (except for my friend Niki's). I promise you, it may seem steep for one cupcake but you have obviously never had a gourmet cupcake before. Go check it out! She has only been open for a few weeks and I am sure she would love some visitors. You can find her website here.

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