want me some betty white

Betty White gives a basic hoodie some style - and I want one. How great would it be to cuddle up with Betty while having a cup of tea and watching Golden Girl reruns on a Sunday afternoon. What's even better is a portion of the proceeds go to the Morris Animal Foundation! Buy one here.


bok choy salad

Let me start out by saying that this is DELICIOUS! And I became addicted. Seriously. I brought it one week for lunch and I would think about it all morning.

My friend, Tanya, made this for our friend's shower. She sent me the recipe since I liked it so much. I am warning you though, it does take a decent amount of time to prepare. (But it is completely worth it in my opinion!)


makes A LOT

For salad:
2 lbs. bok choy
2 batches of scallions
2 c. almonds
2 Tbspn. sugar
1 stick butter
2 packs Ramen noodles (broken)

1. Roast almonds in oven on a nonstick tray for 10 minutes at 350 degrees. (Watch them closely so they don't burn.)
2. Melt butter, add sugar, and add broken Ramen noodles until brown.
3. Chop bok choy very small.
4. Combine almonds and noodles in ziploc bag and shake together. Make sure you break up the chunks.

For dressing:
3/4 c. oil (no olive oil)
1/4 c. red wine vinegar
1/2 c. sugar
2 Tbspn. soy sauce

Mix the ingredients for the dressing and drizzle desired amount over salad.

Tanya also mentioned the recipe for a party or such and have to make a really big batch of it, you can use napa cabbage as well as the bok choy since it is easier to chop.

I prepared this to take to lunch for a week, along with a soba noodle salad found here. They went great together. I would just wait to add the dressing to the bok choy until you are going to eat it. I added it the day I made it, not thinking, and the dressing definitely got soggier as the week went on. It wasn't bad, it just lost that crunch.


meet anna, ashley, and anthea

I listed some more items in my Etsy shop. Stop by and check it out. Right now there is free shipping!


under the weather

The FH had to come pick me up from work today - I am not feeling my best. But don't worry, Peyton is keeping me company. Too bad she does not have opposable thumbs so she can make me some soup. I hope your Monday was better than mine!

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delayed sunday thank-you, for survival kit crafting

Do you remember Chrissy from her beautiful wedding here? Well, she came to visit us this weekend, with her two beautiful pooches. Peyton was glad to have friends here to keep her company.

Chrissy helped me put together the "island survival kits" to put in the out of town bags for our wedding guests. We stamped each with with a palm tree, threw in some survival necessities (Tylenol, lip balm with spf, etc.), and tied them up with pretty ribbon. We had a lot of fun - Chrissy loves to craft as much as I do and REALLY helped me with ideas.

Thanks again Chrissy! See you at the shower!


I know that it is in the middle of summer. And I realize that, with the humidity, it has felt like it has been over 100 degrees almost everyday for the past week and a half. For some reason though, I keep looking at pictures of scarves. Not the light airy scarves but the huge chunky, keep-you-warm-in-the-arctic scarves.

I have been wanting a large cream colored scarf for awhile to keep me warm. I wish I could afford getting one custom made by the grannies at Golden Hook.

You can customize your scarf with the length, width, stitch, and color you want and a certified granny makes it for you.

I can never justify paying a lot for a knitted scarf though, or really paying anything for that matter. Why? Well, when I was in elementary school my British grandmother taught me how to knit. I only know one stitch but I used to make scarves for people all the time. I never made any for myself, though. I especially think my British grandmother would frown upon paying $200 for a Golden Hook scarf.

Maybe I will teach myself to purl as well and then finally I can have my chunky cream scarf. If I start now, I can definitely finish one by the time the cold weather comes around. Or maybe I can just ask my grandmother to make me one.

Would you shell out that much for a custom scarf? Have you ever tried to knit?


can she be my friend?

Seriously? Even the little french girls dress better than I do. I want to be her friend.


if i could register anywhere...

In keeping with the last post here about registering on Etsy, I thought I would share some other loves from other places. If I could register anywhere, here are are few things I would register for:

I really, really, really want a bocce ball set. We used to play it all the time when I was little at our Italian family reunions. This set from Restoration Hardware is lovely, but I would also be ok with a less expensive version. Weirdly enough, Bed, Bath and Beyond doesn't have a set.

I really want to start making my own French bread. This Chicago Metallic pan from Sur La Table allows you to get that great crispy outside all over while still having a nice fluffy inside.

I am OBSESSED with all the beautiful things from Fog Linen. They have great basic linens as well as really beautiful wire baskets and such. You can find them at a few different retail stores in the US, like Design Within Reach.

I love anything with that dark French wire! All the baskets, bowls, and urns from Pierre Deux are really nice.

If you could make a wish list for your home, what would you include?


if i could register on etsy...

We opened a wedding registry through Macy's, Pottery Barn, and Bed, Bath & Beyond, as well as the honeymoon registry through Sandal's. Sometimes I wish you could register anywhere and you aren't limited to certain stores. (I bet you could do this online somewhere but there are still a large chunk of guests that are not computer savvy.)

Sometimes, when I am browsing through Etsy, I wish I could register for some of the pretty things there. Here are some items that have caught my eye:

I love these French burlap pillows from Styled Spaces. I love how rustic but beautiful all the items in the shop are.

Although I found some frames at Pottery Barn, I was really looking for some brown, distressed wooden frames like the ones you can find at 2 Dogs Wood Working.

I guess, by now, you can tell my home style is very rustic. Isn't this shelf great? You can find it at True Connection.

Apparently, I have a thing for burlap too. This ruffled rustic runner can be found at South House Boutique.

I am not quite sure where I would put this chandelier from Bacon Square Farm, but it just seems to pretty to pass up.

What would you registry for on Etsy?


cake art in salisbury

My friend, Julie, and I decided to take a walk last week during our lunch break and check out the new Cake Art shop in downtown Salisbury. The owner, Susan Patt, actually made my future-sister-in-law's wedding cake while she was still at Classic Cakes. Unfortunately, I had had a few too many to even remember if I had some cake but her cake was beautiful. Here is a picture I took:
And here is a picture of them cutting the cake:
Don't they look so happy!!

I met Susan a few months ago at a wedding fair before we had decided to move the wedding to Jamaica and she had samples. Yummmmmmy!

So when my future-mother-in-law let in slip that she was in there ordering my shower cake (I know I am so excited!), I asked her if she also sold cupcakes. She said there were a few out while she was in there and some places to sit.

So this past Thursday I got the Fourth of July cupcake which was yellow cake, cream cheese frosting, and had blueberries and a raspberry on top. It was so yummy! I forgot to take a picture until I was almost finished. I scarfed it down at my desk:
Cake Love has some competition. Luckily, there are no Cake Love's on the Eastern Shore.

A cupcake is $2.50. Gourmet cupcakes are the only cupcakes I really like (except for my friend Niki's). I promise you, it may seem steep for one cupcake but you have obviously never had a gourmet cupcake before. Go check it out! She has only been open for a few weeks and I am sure she would love some visitors. You can find her website here.

happy fourth of july!

I hope you had (or are still enjoying) your fourth of july! I know I am loving this three day weekend.
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jcrew fall 2010

Have you seen the J.Crew lookbook for fall? I saw a picture of all the models together a little while ago and I wasn't fully convinced. And, now that I have seen the lookbook, I am still not convinced. I don't particularly LOVE anything and I just think nothing really went well together. I normally look at a J. Crew model with all the beautiful layering and think, "I want that WHOLE outfit." Not the case here. I mean I know the 90s grunge look is apparently coming back (ugh, i know!) but that isn't a reason for the models to look HOMELESS!! It seriously reminds me of one Halloween in high school when I didn't have a costume so I threw on just about everything I owned and called myself a hobo.

But just because I love J. Crew, here are a few pieces that I like (I have cropped most of the pictures so you don't have to see the outfit in its entirety - I wouldn't want to be responsible for hurting your eyes):

I like this striped shirt - but then again I would wear a plastic bag if it had stripes.

I love a good, sparkly skirt (or dress, for that matter). I always say one time I will buy one, but I still don't own one since I never have an excuse to wear it. Maybe a sparkly skirt doesn't need an excuse?

I am oddly drawn to this furry looking vest. I wonder if I could pull it off? Liking the bag too.

This jacket reminds me of a teddy bear. But not like Pooh Bear. Like that cool-teddy-bear-down-the-street-that-you-wish-you-were-friends-with-so-you-could-borrow-her-clothes teddy bear.

I like this crinkly dress. I am not sure if I could pull this color off when I am pale in the fall but I am kind of hoping to see if they have it any other colors. Intrigued.

This was pretty much the leather jacket I was searching for when I was searching for a leather jacket. I bought a darker brown one that I love, but half of me was kind of thinking I should have held out a little longer.

At least they had the sense to add hot pink lipstick to this. Otherwise, it would have been completely drab.

Well, that is it folks. I hope they change my mind with their fall catalogue. I seriously spent many minutes (ok, hours) looking at this lookbook saying "why, WHY!?" in my head before being able to write this. If you would like to look at the lookbook, you can find it here.