taking the week off

So I think I am going to take the week off from blogging. The FH is out of town so this is probably a good time to finish those few things I have been wanting to accomplish. I thought it might be useful to take a mini blogging vacation. Here are some things I would like to finish:

1. Straighten up the house

2. Decrease the size of the ever-expanding laundry basket

3. Exercise

4. Make some jewelry

5. Make a skirt with the polka dot fabric I bought months ago

6. Enjoy this beautiful weather

7. Shop and prepare food for a friend's beach bachlorette weekend

8. Find gold shoes to go with the dress for said-friend's wedding

9. Cook some new food

10. Create a summer reading list (any ideas?)

11. Take Peyton for longer walks

Can I get it all finished in the next couple of days? I hope so. Otherwise, I may have to extend this vacation...

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