our e-session - part one

For the first part of our e-session, we took pictures at the FH's grandfather's house. Now, in the first couple of pictures, you may notice that we look a little sweaty and tired. Well, Peyton got out of her collar (she DID NOT want to pose) and we spent 20 minutes running around in the hot sun trying to catch her. This is also why there are no pictures of her with her tongue in.

It was also super windy that day, so my hair was NOT going to stay in place. But besides the FH and I wishing we were each 10 pounds lighter, the pictures turned out pretty well. Raye takes absolutely amazing pictures. She is so talented! I know I have said this before but I highly recommend her if you are in this area. She is so laid back and easy to work with. We felt comfortable with her immediately. So here are the first set - others to come later.

Hope you enjoyed them! More to come later...

{all images by Gillette Portrait Arts}


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