my love affair with chipotle (and how it came all the way to salisbury for me)

I first met Chipotle my junior year of high school, about six years ago. I grew up in Baltimore County in the Cockeysville area and, back then, the only Chipotle around was past the circle in Towson. My friend Alissa introduced us. She drove me there for dinner and helped me figure out what the hell you were supposed to do. I remember I had a chicken fajita burrito. It was so huge I couldn't even eat it all. And man was it cheap.

Later, I realized that I really liked the veggie fajita burrito and I could actually finish it. (And back then you could eat it for way under five bucks! I feel like it was $4.25.) This has pretty much been my staple ever since. Sometimes I add corn, sometimes I don't get sour cream, and sometimes I eat it as a burrito bowl with chips.

One year in college I decided that most people only like either the onions or the peppers. I am an onion person and pick most of my peppers out. Others I know pick the onions out. I wrote Chipotle to ask them to separate the onions from the peppers. I started a facebook group to support the cause. They are still in one container.

In the summer of 2008, before my senior year (well, senior semester) of college, I wrote Chipotle to see if their restaurants were franchised. I knew I would be moving to Salisbury soon to be with my fiance and there wasn't even one Chipotle on the Eastern Shore. The FH and I knew how profitable one would be near the college. They wrote me back saying that they were company-owned.

So I checked to see what Chipotle looked for when coming to an area. I wrote them back that we had a big hospital, a large employer (Perdue), a university (SU), another university nearby (UMES), and Salisbury just keeps growing and growing. They wrote me back that they hoped to see me in Salisbury soon.

The FH picked me up for lunch last Thursday. We rarely go far up Route 13 for lunch but that day we went out of our way and this is what I saw:

So what did I do as we drove past? Well, I lost all control of my brain and body. I started banging on the car window like a crazy person and starting screaming - no, actually, shrieking would describe it better. The FH looked a little surprised and scared by my reaction.

Chipotle is scheduled to open in August so I guess I will be fighting all the crazy college kids but fight, I will. When you're crazy in love, nothing will stop you from seeing each other.

Next question: Does Trader Joe's want to have a threesome?

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