my dream home

I wish I could live near the French countryside but considering the FH's job will always keep him in Salisbury, I don't think that is going to happen. Luckily, there is a lot of "countryside" to be had around here.

The FH and I have very opposite tastes. He likes things that are very classic and traditional while I like a rustic, more wild style. In other words, he likes manicured flower beds and I like vines that grow up old houses. But I am sure we can make it work.

I LOVE this house:
Isn't it perfectly charming?? Oh and that green door! Fabulous! I would love this far away from all the other houses and the road. A few vines growing up the outside. And a big backyard - big enough for the dog to run around and lots of room for a vegetable garden and fruit trees. This house in a field would be nice with a few trees around. LOVE IT!

Inside I would like a lot of exposed beams like these:

And I would like an long, old farmhouse table so that we can have huge feasts (made from the food I grew in my garden). Preferably, I will find the table from an old lumber salvage yard.

And I am not sure yet if I want a rustic "white" kitchen or a rustic "dark" kitchen.

I guess I will tackle the outside later. Whew! All this hypothetical planning is a lot of work.

Now the question is: where do we find a house like this in Salisbury?

{images found here, here, here, here, here, and here}

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