a little green baby

I have been attempting to grow food. My herbs are doing decent but after the Italian parsley practically died, I figured it would be safer to take them out of the heat and bring them inside. The parsley is coming back (three little sprigs!).

Outside I have a tomato bush and a strawberry bush in containers. The strawberries are doing decent but I don't think I will ever grow them again until I am able to plant them the ground. I am not sure the lady at Lowes knew what she was talking about. They grow out and not up and it doesn't really have room to grow in the container we put it in so there has really only been like a cup and a half of strawberries over the past month and a half.

I was getting really worried about my tomato plant. It started to get all these weird bumps on it. Is that normal?
But then I went out today and saw a little green tomato! Maybe I am doing something right after all (even though I have no idea what I am doing)!
I am definitely not a gardener but I have always dreamt of having my own vegetable, herb and fruit garden. Any advice is welcomed!


  1. so i checked my tomato plant and it definitely doesn't have those bumps along the stem. your leaves are looking slightly dry, how often do you water it? on the other hand, your tomato is atleast round we have oval-shaped ones! haha

  2. i water them once a day. but i am thinking maybe i am not giving them enough water. are you doing yours in containers? how much water do you think you use? Also how do you tie yours to have them grow up?

  3. Mine are also in a container, but from what I can tell from the pictures your barrel is a lot larger than the pot I have my plant in. Not sure how much water they get a day, usually I just soak the dirt really well, water the rest of the plants and then water the vegetables one more time. As far as tying them goes, I did have a stick which held up the stalk. But it got so large that I ended up using string to tie the stalk to the nearby fence.


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