jcrack opens a wedding boutique

You have to have a key to open our mailbox and, although I have one, it has really become the FH's job to bring in the mail. He has been gone the last few days in Chicago and got back late Tuesday night. Well, imagine my excitement when Vogue and the J. Crew catalogue were sitting on the counter last night.

Halfway through the catalogue, they announced that just opened up their first wedding boutique! Yay! I completely would have hit this up if we didn't already have all of our dresses. I really would love to go for just party dresses though too but sadly the boutique will be all the way on Madison Ave in NYC. Come on J. Crew, you know Salisbury loves you! Oh there isn't the demographic for that? Well you know Georgetown LOVES you! Yes, I know you already have a store there with a few wedding items but we need a boutique for all our wedding and party dress needs!

And they also seem to be expanding into dresses that are long too. I NEED this dress:

I guess I just need something to wear it too. And normally I am not too big on those "separates" but I am really loving this skirt:
Silk chiffon Sophia skirt in pale lilac - $368

I really like the skirt in "orchid shadow." They are also selling veils now too (but they are hellishly expensive, especially considering I just ordered mine on Etsy for $20.)

Go here to view the link for the sneak peak inside the boutique! And you can see their fall lookbook!

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