it's nothing a little dry cleaning won't fix

I found out late last night that I won the free Trash the Dress session from Gillette Portrait Arts!! I was browsing their blog in April and saw the contest. You had to email Raye with your idea of the perfect of a trash the dress session.

Naturally, with my obsession with fall and trees, I told her I would climb trees in my wedding dress and she can help me tear my dress apart if she wants. I used to love playing in the woods as a a kid and this just seemed like it would be so much FUN!! Luckily, we get back from our Jamaican weddingmoon at the end of October - the perfect time to prance around the woods.

I love those fall photo shoots in Vogue, Vanity Fair, and W. You know the ones. Where the models are traipsing around the woods in ridiculously fluffy ball gowns. And then they stop to rest in that forest green velvet chair that just happened to be there. Obsessed! (This is basically the idea I had in my head for the "old" wedding. Remember my colors of chocolate brown, cream, and olive green?)

My dress is kind of summery so I think I will have to "autumnize" it. Maybe a faux fur bolero, a crazy ton of draping pearls, and some cute fall pumps?? I guess I have some time to figure it out.

Here are some pictures from a TTD Raye has done before:

Aren't they beautiful? And here is some "woodsy" TTD inspiration:

Rosc Photography

Nathaniel Edmunds Photography

Jacobus Photography

Choco Studio

Natasha Marshalsea Photography

I am definitely going to have to climb a tree. What does your ideal trash the dress session look like?

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