going on a picnic

Ever since I was little, I loved the idea of picnics. (Well, I suppose I loved anything involving food.) I loved the idea of a beautiful blanket spread over the grass or sand with oodles of transported food.

The problem in my "adult" life - I can never get anyone to go with me. The FH isn't really one for picnics. Basically, are conversations around picnics go like this:

Me: I want to go on a picnic in the park. Will you go with me?

FH: (Sigh) I guess.

Me: (Excitedly) Ok, I will get stuff ready.

FH: Why would you go through all that trouble? Why don't we just pick some stuff up?

What the FH doesn't seem to understand is that getting all the stuff together is half of the fun for me. But when I actually get him to go, I normally meet him halfway. And what ends up happening when we go to pick-up the food? He convinces me to eat there and sometimes we don't even end up at the park. And then he is confused as to why I have a sad look on my face. TAKE ME ON A PICNIC STUPID!!!! I really get overjoyed by the little things. Come on - give me an hour, a blanket, a basket, and some food.

I have friends visit a lot during the summer since I am close to a few beaches. We normally end up at Assateague, hoping to catch a glimpse of the wild horses. I always pack a light lunch for us - pasta salad, fruit, vegetables, etc but I would love to make it much prettier. I need picnic supplies!

1. The Basket

I don't really like the basket already filled with picnic supplies because they are really expensive and I would rather be able to a little more creative with what I put in there. I love this Avignon Picnic Basket from Crate and Barrel. I think the baskets that have the double flap are the best.

The only problem with this basket is that I would have no where to put it in our townhouse. I am seriously out of room! I guess I will have to wait for this basket until I am in a bigger place. I am really digging this Ascot Collapsible Empty Picnic Basket Cooler that I found at Picnic World. I love the apple green color.

And look how it collapses too!

It would be great for keeping the food cold at the beach and it wouldn't take up much room in the house!

2. Food and Drink

Bento boxes are my new obsession. I really want to get one to bring my lunch to work instead of all these different containers. (I also found that with the containers I have from home, I sometimes pack bigger portions than I need and eat it all while I am working since I am not paying attention. Have you heard of all those people that lost weight when they started using bentos for lunch?) But what is really great is that they have bigger bento boxes for easy transport for picnic food. I love the brightly colored three tier bento boxes from Plastica. So many pretty colors, it is hard to choose. But I guess if I am going to try and match it with my apple green basket, I would choose this one:

I am seriously going to get the two-tier one for my lunches. Maybe in the same colors in case I need extra picnic containers to match?

To transport you homemade sun tea or lemonade, why not use some old juice bottles? Or you can get some of those cute swingtop bottles from Specialty Bottle like this one:
It is funny, my style seems to be a bit more rustic when I am picking out things for my home (we just went registry shopping) but when it comes to my picnic style, I like my things bright and cheery! I love this plastic Sorrento Melamine Dinner Plates from Crate and Barrel, definitely in the green or blue:
And these Acrylic Stacking Double Old-Fashioned Glasses, also from Crate and Barrel:
And of course, not all food is finger food. Why not pick up some of these bamboo utensils from Crate and Barrel:
3. Linens

Of course any old blanket will work. You are pretty lucky if you have one of those waterproof ones. Or if you are going to the beach, why not one of those big square towels? But in trying to be environmentally friendly, try using fabric napkins (notice we don't have any need for plastic baggies and such with all the tools we have above).

Make sure any trash you generate you throw away! Have fun!

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