diy pearl earrings

So while planning my e-session outfits, I realized I wanted to wear pearl earrings with one of them. And then I realized that even though I had a couple different pairs, I didn't own a pair of simple stud pearls. I didn't exactly have the money to spend on a pair but that didn't stop me from owning a nice pair.


Jewelry Cement (with a fine tip)
Pair of Half Drilled Pearls (I used 6mm)
Pair of Earring Stud Cups with Peg (same size as Pearls)
Piece of Styrofoam

Squeeze a a generous amount of cement on the peg of the ear stud cup. Insert the fine tip of the cement tube into the pearl and squeeze some of the cement inside the pearl. Insert the peg of of the stud cup into the pearl earring. Make sure the pearl is attached, firmly. Stick the back of the stud into the styrofoam to dry. Follow these steps for the other earring and let them dry for at least 48 hours.

Now you have a beautiful pair of pearls!

I used saltwater pearls but freshwater or glass pearls are much less expensive. You can always create earrings this way with other types of beads. I probably made these earrings for under $15 (I forget how much I spent on supplies) while a normal pair of saltwater pearl earrings of this grade would be at least double, probably triple, this.


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