my last supper

Ok, not my last supper, but my last fast food meal. Last night, the FH and I went to MacDo for dinner. I ordered a delicious cheeseburger and I splurged and got a medium fry instead of a small. They ended up taking awhile with the fries and giving us a large size because of the wait. (And of course, I ate all of them even though I was full after a third of the container.)

I used to hate fast food when I was younger. I was one of the few kids that would cry if we were going to McDonald's. I soon learned to like a cheeseburger from there but never really ate fast food until I got to college and would go with the FH. Now, on weekends, the FH and I have a bad habit of making it to McDonald's (or another fast food joint) in the morning for breakfast. And we will do an occasional dinner during the week too. (My weakness is french fries.)

So now I have to break this bad habit and right now seems like a good time to do it. I now pledge that I am giving up fast food until October 16th, our wedding day. Oh gosh! Now that you have all seen it, I guess I am really committed.

The places I consider "fast food" are basically anywhere where you can "super size" or "upgrade" or whatever. They are also places where it is really, really hard to make good healthy choices. On my list right now: McDonald's, Hardee's, Burger King, Sonic, Checkers, Wendy's, Arby's, Chic-fil-A, Dairy Queen, and any other place that resembles those fine establishments. Oh, and I am also giving up french fries. They are the one food that if you put them on my plate (or someone else's) I can't stop eating until they are completely gone.

Places I do not consider "fast food" mainly because you can make decently healthy choices there: Subway, Quizno's, Panera, Chipotle, Salsarita's, and other places that resemble these fine sandwich and mexican establishments.

I am not giving up pizza since pizza doesn't have to be bad for you and the FH and I normally order from pizza places where the crust is really thin and they don't overload it with cheese. I am just going to limit my intake and try to have a salad on the side.

Now maybe the Pilates classes I have started taking will really start to pay off.

Oh, and no, this is not an April Fools joke.

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