if i am missing for the next week...

I may be missing again for the next week. I have so much to do and so little time. I guess nothing is really super pressing, but I just have some projects I would like to finish (some of which have been sitting in the craft room for some time now.)

I have a J. Crew inspired lavender skirt that I am working on. I would like to finish it by the beginning of next week so I can wear it to a bridal shower I am going to on May 1st (if it even ends up being wearable).

I am working on creating a bib necklace with pinks and greens and golds. It will be the perfect spring necklace, if I can indeed finish it before spring is over.

I also want to dabble with a bunch of beads and chains I randomly ordered online. I am thinking a multi strand necklace with a little lace bow? We will see, I guess.

And from Saturday morning until late Sunday night I will be at my Aunt's in Virginia for my cousin's baptism (I am the godmother!). And I really should clean the house and maybe go to the gym (considering all I have been eating for the past couple of days is cookies and cake). Oh and I suppose skipping work isn't really an option.

I guess the point is - maybe I will be around, maybe I won't. I just know how disappointing it is to expect company and then have them not show without leaving word. Oh, that's never happened to you? Well, you must just be pretty popular, then.


  1. i do my crafts in my favorite brassiere too! wink!

    can't wait to see you on MAY 1.


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