for earth day

I know I said I wouldn't be back for a little bit but I figured I should do an Earth Day post.

I realized a few months ago that I was being very wasteful. Our boss goes to Sam's Club and buys a bunch of cases of water bottles and we can buy them from him for fifteen cents. I was up to buying three water bottles a day at work, sometimes not even drinking all of the water. The water bottles were all over my car.

It was convenient to be able to buy the water bottles but I knew I had to make a change for the environment and maybe to save a little money. I started using one of my work tea cups as a water cup (yes, my co-workers and I have a lovely little tea table set up) but sometimes my water would taste like tea and it was really difficult to carry my water with me to meetings way across the hospital without spilling it all over the place.

I have been looking for a Nalgene type container with a straw and Saturday I hit the jackpot. I found one at Walmart for $4. They had some with hand grips and some without but I chose one without the grip because they had a pretty bluish green color. ANDDDDD it says "reduce, reuse, recycle" on the side which makes me look very environmentally conscious. I decided I am going to pick up two more when I go grocery shopping this weekend.

I have even noticed that I am drinking a ton more water. So now I am a little healthier too. It is a win, win for both Mother Earth and me!

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