fish pedicures

I had a lot of fun this weekend between my friend Chrissy's bachlorette party and her bridal shower. I met Chrissy through her fiance, Devin, who is the FH's best friend. I ended up rooming with her the semester after I got back from France. The rest is history.

Chrissy is so full of life and ready for anything. We knew we had to find something fun to do for her bachlorette festivities.

Her sister suggested that we get fish pedicures. We went to Yvonne's Salon in Virginia which has locations in Alexandria, Woodbridge and Crystal City. The owner was there and gave us the background of his salon. He is the only one allowed to give fish pedicures in the US. He also invented and patented the seats he has in his salon which have individual massaging seats and fish tubs. Normally, when you get a fish pedicure (in another country) it is one big tub that everyone sticks their feet in.

The facilities were really clean and the staff was super friendly. They got a kick of Chrissy rolling in with her veil and "bride-to-be" sash.

I am very ticklish and the fish really tickled at first. I found that if I didn't watch the fish it didn't tickle as much. The fish eat the dead skin off your feet. My feet felt so much smoother afterwards but they didn't get all of the rough spots of my heel (I only had the 15 minute fish treatment). But don't worry, I got the best spa pedicure after that. My heels have not been this smooth since I was a kid. Even if the fish treatment freaks you out, I would suggest making the trek for the spa pedicure. I know I will definitely go back.

With the bride-to-be, getting our fish treatment


After we finished our feet, the owner suggested that Chrissy put one hand in the tank and keep one out to test the difference after the fish treatment.

Chrissy and her sister, Annie, doing the hand test

I would definitely suggest doing fish pedicures with a group of girls. It was so much fun!


  1. How much does it cost for the fish pedicure and the spa pedicure or whatever is was that you got?? Maybe I will go to Crystal City and get one after finals. I can't think of a better reward for myself then letting fish eat dead skin from my feet ...

  2. well i think he only charged me for the regular pedicure and a fifteen minute fish treatment which ended up being $52 before tip. but i would suggest paying the extra for the spa pedicure. i am just not sure how much it was. go to the website.


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