does a bride need a veil?

So when I first started the planning process, I was adamant that I was not going to wear a veil. I even tried some on to appease some people but I never really found one that I loved. But the lady who helped me at David's Bridal said something that kind of made sense: "Without the veil you are just wearing a white dress. With a veil, you are a bride."

Maybe she was just trying to make a sale, but what she said had some truth to it - you may wear a white dress again but (hopefully) you will only wear a veil once.

My only issue was whether or not a veil looks good with something else in your hair. I was thinking about wearing a headband or a flower. I also wanted a very, very simple veil because of the simplicity of my dress - no sparkles, no lace, nothing. Basically, plain jane for me.

I think I am leaning towards a flower now. I really liked some of the headbands I tried on but I think they may be a bit too flashy for a beach wedding. And they really aren't me. I am not much for sparkles. I found this flower on etsy at mod wedding that I really love. It is very simple.

I like how it is not too big and delicate in the hair. But now the big dilemma was weather or not the veil would look okay with a flower. I found a bunch of pictures of brides with birdcage veils that had big flowers but nothing for a veil like I wanted. I searched google images and I found this:
Ok, I love it! That is just the type of veil I want. And her flower is very similar to mine as well. So I searched etsy to find a veil that won't break the bank (it is ridiculous how expensive some tulle is!). I am not sure if I want a veil that reaches my fingertips or around where my knees are. I found this on etsy at Marisol Aparicio:

Should I go ahead and buy the flower and veil? Should I go with fingertip or a little longer? What do you think?


  1. oh my god, please style your make up like that mannequin... it will make you look hilari-beautiful...

    where did you find that photo? it is so creepy, in the kim catrall film kind of way.

  2. it is on the website to sell the veil. i know i was thinking the same thing. it is creepy.

  3. Definitely go for the veil, and you can definitely pull off the veil and the flower. I thought I didn't care about my veil either, but on the day of my wedding I starting tearing up when it was time to take it off for the reception. DO IT!

  4. I really like the veil with the flower in that one picture.

  5. yea i think i am leaning towards the flower and veil.

  6. That picture you have makes the choice for you. It looks great with the flower and the veil. The longer veil is nicer!

  7. Yes I am thinking finger tip length or a little longer. What do you think?


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