a brome howard wedding

Well, I have been MIA these past couple of days, I suppose. I had a good reason, though. Our friends got married on Sunday and we were over at our old college stomping grounds since Saturday and got back yesterday evening.

Devin and Chrissy met at the end of the FH and Devin's junior year, the end of her sophomore year, and the end of my freshman year. They started dating the beginning of the following school year and the rest is history. They are seriously one of the most fun and adorable couples. (Yes, Devin, I am saying you are adorable.)

The FH and Devin became best friends the beginning of their freshman year and the FH, as he said in his best man speech, "lived with Devin for four terrible years." Devin was one of the first people I met in college and he immediately became like a horrible older brother - making fun of me and giving me a hard time. When he started dating Chrissy, I instantly fell in love with her. I mean I seriously haven't met anyone who hasn't. She is fun and caring and actually listens to my craziness.

Devin proposed to Chrissy in February 2009 and they set their wedding date for June 2010. But Devin is in the marines and, as anyone in the marines or anyone married to one knows, when you are a marine you are on their time. Devin found out at the end of March that he was being deployed to Afghanistan at the beginning of May. This kind of made it hard to hold the wedding in June (although the FH offered to stand in his place).

So, they moved the wedding up to April 18th at the Brome Howard which is the bed and breakfast two minutes from St. Mary's College. Here are some pictures from their wedding this weekend (which are not great quality since I was more focused on taking video - I only have two hands, ya know!). It really was perfect in every way - intimate, fun, and beautiful.

Chrissy and Devin incorporated a lot of their personalities into their wedding. They both are alum of St. Mary's College of Maryland so it is only fitting that their wedding was on the water at the Brome Howard (which is actually where senior gala is held for soon-t0-be St. Mary's graduates). Chrissy's high school friend, Mary, sang "What a Wonderful World" while the bridal party walked down the path to the ceremony site and sang "At Last" after the ceremony ended. For the reception, each of the tables was named after one of the "seven wonders" which are the seven places that St. Mary's seniors visit the night before graduation (with maybe a cocktail or two). Their friend Josh, played the guitar and sang "Wagon Wheel," for their first dance. And the St. Mary's Seahawk showed up for their cake cutting.

In other words, this wedding was perfect.


  1. Ah wagon wheel!?! That's amazing ... I didn't know that part.

  2. Well I have it on video if you want to see!

  3. Hey!, I was just sitting at the comp on our snow day and browsing some of your old blog posts. Thanks for writing about our wedding. The pictures you have here are beautiful. I can't wait to celebrate our anniversary soon when we're all in Jamaica!! :-)


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