what will the bridesmaids carry?

After looking through information on the resort where we are getting married, I have a feeling flower bouquets will be really expensive. Since the FH and I are on a tight budget, I have been looking at alternative things for the bridesmaids to carry that aren't tacky but fit our budget.

Now keep in mind, most likely we won't get married right on the beach. I would like a place a bit more private and I would like for my bridesmaids and I to be able to wear heels (the FH is over a foot taller than me.) I am leaning towards their gazebo or one of their gardens. Then we can kick off our shoes and take some fun pictures on the beach afterwards.

Now I am not super wild about fake flowers, so that really isn't an option unless someone can convince me otherwise.

I really like the idea of carrying votive candle holders like this one from luna bazaar:
They are very inexpensive (a little over $3 a piece) but with a 3 pm wedding, it may not be dark enough to be carrying candles. And then you have the issue of wind blowing them out.

I read a lot about making sea shell bouquets but I wasn't wild about the idea until I saw some diy pictures on Martha Stewart weddings.

This one is cute and you can dye the shells to whatever colors you need.
I love the mixture of flowers in this one. The only problem with these are that they pretty much will have to be done ahead of time (I doubt we will have that much time at the resort) and I would be afraid they could easily get ruined in transit, along with adding a lot of pounds to my baggage. And I am wondering how much they will really cost in the end.

I also considered having them carry fans:

But then I figured that handing out fans to the guests is a must (it will be 85 and humid) so I didn't want the bridesmaids carrying fans as well. Also, it probably isn't best for the bridesmaids to be up there fanning themselves. (A little distracting...)

Then my maid of honor suggested parasols. I wasn't sold until she started sending me pictures. I LOVE this idea. Take a look at some pictures she and I found:

Maybe I will get one for myself for some pictures too. I figured we could wrap them in bubble wrap and each bridesmaid could travel with it on her own. They are pretty lightweight so they shouldn't add much to their baggage. And it will keep the sun off them during the ceremony. My bridesmaid, Tanya, also suggested that maybe we can match the fans that we give guests to the color of the parasols. And they are less than $10 a piece on luna bazaar!

What do you think? What unique things have you seen bridesmaids carry?

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