we found our engagement photographer!

I am very nervous about the resort photographer in Jamaica. Since the resort makes it financially impossible for us to bring another photographer in, I know I will just have to deal. That is why I want to make sure, at least, our engagement pictures are great. Instead of the basic and technical pictures we will most likely get from the resort for our wedding, I want someone who will take some nice posed pictures, but a lot of great candid and photojournalistic pictures, as well.

I found a few photographers that I really really liked. The day I contacted some of them for prices, my friend, Niki, sent me a link to Gillette Portrait Arts not even knowing that I was looking for a photographer. Maybe it was a coincidence; I think it was fate. Raye took all the types of photos that I love. I can't wait to show you our pictures but you will have to wait until May, which is when our e-session is. For now, here are some photos from other e-sessions she has done:
Go to the website to see some fabulous wedding day pictures as well.

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