sunday thank you, for engagement clothes shopping

This weekend, we went shopping for engagement photo clothes at the outlets in Rehoboth. We will have a chance to wear three different outfits and this is what we were thinking:

1. a casual outfit - something with jeans where we can take some fun pictures with the pup
2. a fancy outfit - me in a nice dress and him in a sport coat
3. a fun outfit - we weren't really sure what this would entail but we knew we could figure something out

I did a little research before we went shopping to find out what type of things to wear in engagement pictures. My photographer just told us to wear something that is us but online I found all of these rules - don't wear neutrals or pale colors, don't wear patterns, don't wear trendy clothes. Well I pretty much broke all the "rules" and just decided to go with our photographers advice.

For the dressy outfit, I found a dress from the Banana outlet with a black top and a printed black and white bottom. I am going to wear it to a wedding in April and see how it photographs. The FH will probably wear a sport coat and khakis and whatever button down he wants.

For the casual outfit, we are both going to wear jeans. I will probably wear a purple cardigan that I got at the Banana outlet and he will probably wear the teal polo he got at the Ralph Lauren outlet.

For the fun outfit, I am going to wear a grey cardi with fabric flower, a white tank, and a grey and yellow patterned pencil skirt that I got at the J. Crack outlet. The verdict is still out on what the FH will wear. He is either going to wear a light blue polo and khakis that he got at the Ralph Lauren outlet or he might get a blue button down to go with khakis.

I wish Stacy and Clinton would ambush us. We can normally dress ourselves but we have never dressed ourselves so that we compliment each other in pictures.

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