a pocket camcorder?

So we all know that I had issues about whether or not to get a videographer for our "old" wedding. I no longer have those issues. The resort videographer seems a little expensive for the footage that you get and this wedding is supposed to be less expensive for the FH and me.

With that being said, there are certainly other ways to capture those moments other than hiring someone to do it. I was thinking about getting one of those inexpensive pocket camcorders to record all the wedding and honeymoon festivities. One of my bridesmaids volunteered her boyfriend to record the ceremony and I figured everyone can take turns recording all the other stuff. I kind of like this better. It makes it a bit more personal. And we can also capture things that the videographer normally wouldn't get like the rehearsal dinner, dancing at the disco, and hanging out on the beach with family and friends throughout the week.

I was thinking about getting it soon so I can learn how to use it. That way I can record not only my bridal shower and wedding celebrations but my friend's wedding events that are happening over the next four months.

Since I have a Mac, I figured I could use the editing software on there to edit the video and add special effects like music and pictures. Since I can do all of this on my computer (with a little bit of learning), I don't really need a fancy camcorder.

So I guess this is basically is what the video camera needs:

1. light weight and easy to travel with

2. have the capability of taking hours and hours of video (or the capability to use a memory card that will store a lot of video)

3. easy for all sorts of people to use

4. inexpensive - under $200, but less if possible

5. able to hook up to my computer for editing

6. compatible with a Mac

7. able to recharge it without a computer (so I don't have to take my computer with me when I travel)

I don't know much about pocket camcorders so I am not really sure what brand to go with. What do you guys think? Any ideas?

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