looking sharp: groom's attire

Obviously a tux for an outdoor wedding in Jamaica is not going to work. We aren't going to get married directly on the beach, but, not only is a tux going to be extremely hot, it just doesn't seem fitting for the feel of the wedding.

The FH gets a tan from walking outside during the winter sometimes, so I know he will be all bronze and beautiful after being in Jamaica the few days before wedding. I am really thinking a tan suit is best. He isn't wild about wearing a jacket since he gets hot so easily, so a linen suit is probably the way to go.

Tommy Bahama actually has a beach inspired wedding shop for the men in the wedding group.
Tommy Bahama Bon Air blazer for $295

Although I like a lot of their clothes separately, I am not wild about the fact that there doesn't seem to be a jacket and pants that really match.

I love this linen suit from Nordstrom. I think it is relaxed enough for our setting, but formal enough for a groom's wedding attire.
John W. Nordstrom Two Button Linen Sport Coat for $295

John W. Nordstrom Flat Front Linen Trouser for $125

I think this suit would look so classic with a white button down shirt. (Maybe we should buy an extra button down for the reception, just in case the the FH gets a little too hot during the ceremony.)

I am also really loving this Calvin Klein suit from Men's Wearhouse.
Calvin Klein Tan Suit Separates. The jacket and pants are on sale at Men's Wearhouse for $180 and $70.

The other issue is whether or not he should wear a tie. My dress will be a little on the formal side, I am pretty sure, but not too formal for a destination wedding. I think a tie would look nice, but again, in the heat, I think the FH will be uncomfortable. I also don't really want a colored tie with tan suit so would a neutral tie work?

Since the FH will be wearing a suit and will not be directly on the beach for the ceremony, is it appropriate for him to wear flip flops? Not cheap flops, more like leather rainbows. I think it might look a little strange since he will be wearing a jacket. Maybe he can change into flops for the reception since he will be taking off his jacket.

What do you think about a linen suit? Do you think it works for a wedding or is it too casual?

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