i'm on sabbatical!

Yesterday, the office ordered in food for a meeting. I ordered a small personal white pizza. It was delicious. I was good, though, and only ate half of it. I put the rest in the fridge for lunch today.

I ended up bringing a salad, today, but only ate what was on top of it and didn't eat the lettuce (typical). And then I remembered my yummy garlicky goodness in the fridge.

So I went into our office fridge and went back to my desk and got all cozy. I opened the box. There was one piece left. ONE PIECE! So I went over yesterdays events in my head. Did I eat some yesterday? Ok I had one as a snack but there certainly were three pieces left when I put the box in the fridge. I know I certainly wouldn't have put one piece in there. I would have just eaten it.

Whoever it was, they sure are lucky. I might have gone all Ross on them. Note on the fridge to the offender? They should be grateful I wasn't that hungry.

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