i thought the groomsmen attire would be easy

So now we have decisions to make about the groomsmen attire. I thought this would be pretty simple but after searching online for ideas (bad idea) I am not sure exactly what I want. All I know is that they will not be in tuxes. I think tuxes on the beach look a little out of place.

Basically, the FH and I are pretty sure we are going with linen shirts. They are cooler and beachy but can still be semi-formal looking. (The FH figured this could be his gift to them as well.) I mentioned having them in linen pants as well but the FH said they are much more likely to wear a pair of khakis again as opposed to linen pants. Point taken. Khaki pants it is.

I like this look in the picture below with the long sleeved shirts, sleeves rolled up, and khakis. I love these colorful ties but I think we aren't going to have the groomsmen wear ties. I was thinking about having them wear their shirts out, but after looking through images on google, I think tucked in is the way to go. When the groomsmen have their shirts out it just looks messy.

Basically, this is probably what our groomsmen will look like:

But then I started searching through pictures. Maybe we shouldn't go with white shirts. Maybe we should go with blue. Or will that clash too much with the mis-matched bridesmaids dresses?

The only thing is, I don't think we would put the groomsmen in anything but a french blue but none of my bridesmaids will be in that type of color. Would a teal look way to girly for guys?

I found linen shirts from Island Importer. They are the linen almalfi shirt in long sleeve. If we don't go with this shirt we will probably go with something very similar. I think instead of the white, we would order them in ivory since most likely my dress is going to ivory.

in ivory

in french blue

in mer

in sky

I guess they can just wear brown leather flip flops and a brown leather belt as well. I mean this groom made flops work with a suit:
Although, I'm still not sure about flops for the FH though. My dress will probably be a bit more formal than hers. (I am making my decision this weekend!)

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  1. I love the buttondown white shirts, sleeves rolled up, Vineyard Vines matching ties, stone colored khakis with flipflop look for the beach.


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