change of plans...

Ok. I know, I know. I haven't written in awhile but I have a good reason. The FH and I decided to change our wedding location - to Jamaica. Oh and we moved up our wedding date as well - to October of THIS year. So, yes, the last couple of weeks have been crazy.

I have been spending time talking with shocked family members and helping future guests book their rooms before the resort sale ended. Oh and I realized that I should have ordered my wedding dress yesterday. So the next few weekends will be spent wedding dress shopping.

But we are so excited!!! We booked the Beaches Negril Resort and Spa to get married on October 16th. I feel so much less stressed doing it this way. The FH and I really couldn't afford to do a wedding here but we didn't want just to go to the courthouse either. And I don't really need to plan anything until I get down there and meet with the wedding coordinator except for a few details. Since I am a planner I thought this would be difficult for me but I am kind of enjoying it. I was a little worried the wedding would be very "cookie cutter" but I thought about what really makes a wedding unique - the couple's love and the people you gather to celebrate. It doesn't have to do with the place cards and color of the centerpieces.

I am a little upset that you are only allowed to use the resort photographer. I love photojournalistic photos but I am afraid that the resort photographers will only take posed cheesy photos. But I guess I don't really have a choice and I will have to make it work. At least my friends like to take photos! Maybe they will appease me and take some good photojournalistic type photos (hint, hint).

I have always been obsessed with weddings and have always wanted to be a wedding planner. But I have never thought about planning a destination wedding. So here is to a lot of future posts about my learning about how to plan a destination wedding.

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