i'm on sabbatical!

Yesterday, the office ordered in food for a meeting. I ordered a small personal white pizza. It was delicious. I was good, though, and only ate half of it. I put the rest in the fridge for lunch today.

I ended up bringing a salad, today, but only ate what was on top of it and didn't eat the lettuce (typical). And then I remembered my yummy garlicky goodness in the fridge.

So I went into our office fridge and went back to my desk and got all cozy. I opened the box. There was one piece left. ONE PIECE! So I went over yesterdays events in my head. Did I eat some yesterday? Ok I had one as a snack but there certainly were three pieces left when I put the box in the fridge. I know I certainly wouldn't have put one piece in there. I would have just eaten it.

Whoever it was, they sure are lucky. I might have gone all Ross on them. Note on the fridge to the offender? They should be grateful I wasn't that hungry.


sunday thank you, for engagement clothes shopping

This weekend, we went shopping for engagement photo clothes at the outlets in Rehoboth. We will have a chance to wear three different outfits and this is what we were thinking:

1. a casual outfit - something with jeans where we can take some fun pictures with the pup
2. a fancy outfit - me in a nice dress and him in a sport coat
3. a fun outfit - we weren't really sure what this would entail but we knew we could figure something out

I did a little research before we went shopping to find out what type of things to wear in engagement pictures. My photographer just told us to wear something that is us but online I found all of these rules - don't wear neutrals or pale colors, don't wear patterns, don't wear trendy clothes. Well I pretty much broke all the "rules" and just decided to go with our photographers advice.

For the dressy outfit, I found a dress from the Banana outlet with a black top and a printed black and white bottom. I am going to wear it to a wedding in April and see how it photographs. The FH will probably wear a sport coat and khakis and whatever button down he wants.

For the casual outfit, we are both going to wear jeans. I will probably wear a purple cardigan that I got at the Banana outlet and he will probably wear the teal polo he got at the Ralph Lauren outlet.

For the fun outfit, I am going to wear a grey cardi with fabric flower, a white tank, and a grey and yellow patterned pencil skirt that I got at the J. Crack outlet. The verdict is still out on what the FH will wear. He is either going to wear a light blue polo and khakis that he got at the Ralph Lauren outlet or he might get a blue button down to go with khakis.

I wish Stacy and Clinton would ambush us. We can normally dress ourselves but we have never dressed ourselves so that we compliment each other in pictures.


trying to make the bridesmaid jewelry

This past weekend, I headed up to Delaware to visit a bead shop to look for things for the bridesmaid jewelry. I got a lot of cool gemstones! I am still trying to figure out clasps online and a way to do really simple earrings.

I am doing bracelets and earrings for my maid of honor and junior bridesmaid since they are in halters. I am doing necklaces for my bridesmaids; one really chunky single strand, one double strand, and one triple strand.

The lady who helped me said they also have a social beading night once a month and that people there might be able to help me and give me ideas. I may go to that to get some tips. (And I might buy some beads for myself.)

I hope they turn out well!


we found our engagement photographer!

I am very nervous about the resort photographer in Jamaica. Since the resort makes it financially impossible for us to bring another photographer in, I know I will just have to deal. That is why I want to make sure, at least, our engagement pictures are great. Instead of the basic and technical pictures we will most likely get from the resort for our wedding, I want someone who will take some nice posed pictures, but a lot of great candid and photojournalistic pictures, as well.

I found a few photographers that I really really liked. The day I contacted some of them for prices, my friend, Niki, sent me a link to Gillette Portrait Arts not even knowing that I was looking for a photographer. Maybe it was a coincidence; I think it was fate. Raye took all the types of photos that I love. I can't wait to show you our pictures but you will have to wait until May, which is when our e-session is. For now, here are some photos from other e-sessions she has done:
Go to the website to see some fabulous wedding day pictures as well.


sunday thank you, for dress shopping

So I bought my dress today. Finally. Many people followed me to many, many shops. But they kept hearing about this one dress that I was obsessing over. The ONE dress I didn't have a picture of that I had tried on.

So yesterday, I took one of my bridesmaids with me to the shop and we shot some pictures with her SLR. It DID NOT photograph well. It fit me fine but the way the fabric laid would not have made for good photos.

We decided to go back to David's Bridal today to try on the dress-that-I-really-liked-but-wouldn't-let-myself-like-too-much-because-I-thought-the-other-dress-was-better-and-it-was-so-different-than-what-I-originally-had-envisioned-wearing. Whew!

I put it on and I realized how perfect it was. Especially with the correct slip. That is really all I can say because I wouldn't want the FH to find out too much. Maybe I will post some "finding the dress" pictures and video after the wedding.

Again, thank you to everyone who helped me. I love you all!


i thought the groomsmen attire would be easy

So now we have decisions to make about the groomsmen attire. I thought this would be pretty simple but after searching online for ideas (bad idea) I am not sure exactly what I want. All I know is that they will not be in tuxes. I think tuxes on the beach look a little out of place.

Basically, the FH and I are pretty sure we are going with linen shirts. They are cooler and beachy but can still be semi-formal looking. (The FH figured this could be his gift to them as well.) I mentioned having them in linen pants as well but the FH said they are much more likely to wear a pair of khakis again as opposed to linen pants. Point taken. Khaki pants it is.

I like this look in the picture below with the long sleeved shirts, sleeves rolled up, and khakis. I love these colorful ties but I think we aren't going to have the groomsmen wear ties. I was thinking about having them wear their shirts out, but after looking through images on google, I think tucked in is the way to go. When the groomsmen have their shirts out it just looks messy.

Basically, this is probably what our groomsmen will look like:

But then I started searching through pictures. Maybe we shouldn't go with white shirts. Maybe we should go with blue. Or will that clash too much with the mis-matched bridesmaids dresses?

The only thing is, I don't think we would put the groomsmen in anything but a french blue but none of my bridesmaids will be in that type of color. Would a teal look way to girly for guys?

I found linen shirts from Island Importer. They are the linen almalfi shirt in long sleeve. If we don't go with this shirt we will probably go with something very similar. I think instead of the white, we would order them in ivory since most likely my dress is going to ivory.

in ivory

in french blue

in mer

in sky

I guess they can just wear brown leather flip flops and a brown leather belt as well. I mean this groom made flops work with a suit:
Although, I'm still not sure about flops for the FH though. My dress will probably be a bit more formal than hers. (I am making my decision this weekend!)


we found the bridesmaids dresses!

Well, I have one thing to check off my list - bridesmaids dresses! Everyone liked the David's Bridal dresses so much that we decided it wasn't even worth waiting for J. Crew to come out with the summer colors in their embossed dresses.

The bridesmaids picked out three different styles of dresses in three different colors. My maid of honor will be in mermaid and my bridesmaids and junior bridesmaid will be in alternating colors of oasis and horizon.

We had a lot of fun trying things on, especially because they didn't always have the correct sizes.
My little sister and junior bridesmaid in the horizon color and one of the styles we chose

My little sis in another style we chose

A little big? My MOH in another color we chose

One of my bridesmaids rocking it with rain boots

Thanks to all my bridesmaids for showing up this weekend!


always classy: the bridesmaids' attire

Considering my bridesmaids are paying a decent amount to get all the way to Jamaica for our wedding, I want to try and keep costs low for their attire. This means that the J. Crack bridesmaid dresses that they originally wanted are out.

I really love the idea of mismatched bridesmaid dresses and I think I am going to take advantage of the island beauty and go very bright color wise. Basically, I want to emulate this picture from Elizabeth Medina's blog:

If you take out the woman in white (doesn't she know only the bride wears white) and the woman in yellow - I AM IN LOVE! I love the bright blues and greens in mismatched dresses. And I think the chunky necklaces are perfect. (I am definitely stealing that idea!)

My bridesmaids didn't like my "just go get any dress you want in these colors." So now we are on the prowl.

We were thinking we can look at David's Bridal to recreate this look with the bright colors and mismatched dresses. We are going to go look at the cotton sateen dresses this weekend.
David's Bridal 83312 Cotton Sateen Strapless Dress - $135

David's Bridal 83468 Cotton Sateen Sleeveless Dress - $60

We also like some of the more casual cotton embossed dresses from J. Crew. I think they will still look good with gold heels and chunky necklaces.

J. Crew Solid Embossed Beach dress - $98

Solid Embossed Lorelei dress - $98

Unfortunately, J. Crew hasn't come out with their summer colors but last year I remember them having bright blues and greens. I guess we will have to wait and see...


looking sharp: groom's attire

Obviously a tux for an outdoor wedding in Jamaica is not going to work. We aren't going to get married directly on the beach, but, not only is a tux going to be extremely hot, it just doesn't seem fitting for the feel of the wedding.

The FH gets a tan from walking outside during the winter sometimes, so I know he will be all bronze and beautiful after being in Jamaica the few days before wedding. I am really thinking a tan suit is best. He isn't wild about wearing a jacket since he gets hot so easily, so a linen suit is probably the way to go.

Tommy Bahama actually has a beach inspired wedding shop for the men in the wedding group.
Tommy Bahama Bon Air blazer for $295

Although I like a lot of their clothes separately, I am not wild about the fact that there doesn't seem to be a jacket and pants that really match.

I love this linen suit from Nordstrom. I think it is relaxed enough for our setting, but formal enough for a groom's wedding attire.
John W. Nordstrom Two Button Linen Sport Coat for $295

John W. Nordstrom Flat Front Linen Trouser for $125

I think this suit would look so classic with a white button down shirt. (Maybe we should buy an extra button down for the reception, just in case the the FH gets a little too hot during the ceremony.)

I am also really loving this Calvin Klein suit from Men's Wearhouse.
Calvin Klein Tan Suit Separates. The jacket and pants are on sale at Men's Wearhouse for $180 and $70.

The other issue is whether or not he should wear a tie. My dress will be a little on the formal side, I am pretty sure, but not too formal for a destination wedding. I think a tie would look nice, but again, in the heat, I think the FH will be uncomfortable. I also don't really want a colored tie with tan suit so would a neutral tie work?

Since the FH will be wearing a suit and will not be directly on the beach for the ceremony, is it appropriate for him to wear flip flops? Not cheap flops, more like leather rainbows. I think it might look a little strange since he will be wearing a jacket. Maybe he can change into flops for the reception since he will be taking off his jacket.

What do you think about a linen suit? Do you think it works for a wedding or is it too casual?


what will the bridesmaids carry?

After looking through information on the resort where we are getting married, I have a feeling flower bouquets will be really expensive. Since the FH and I are on a tight budget, I have been looking at alternative things for the bridesmaids to carry that aren't tacky but fit our budget.

Now keep in mind, most likely we won't get married right on the beach. I would like a place a bit more private and I would like for my bridesmaids and I to be able to wear heels (the FH is over a foot taller than me.) I am leaning towards their gazebo or one of their gardens. Then we can kick off our shoes and take some fun pictures on the beach afterwards.

Now I am not super wild about fake flowers, so that really isn't an option unless someone can convince me otherwise.

I really like the idea of carrying votive candle holders like this one from luna bazaar:
They are very inexpensive (a little over $3 a piece) but with a 3 pm wedding, it may not be dark enough to be carrying candles. And then you have the issue of wind blowing them out.

I read a lot about making sea shell bouquets but I wasn't wild about the idea until I saw some diy pictures on Martha Stewart weddings.

This one is cute and you can dye the shells to whatever colors you need.
I love the mixture of flowers in this one. The only problem with these are that they pretty much will have to be done ahead of time (I doubt we will have that much time at the resort) and I would be afraid they could easily get ruined in transit, along with adding a lot of pounds to my baggage. And I am wondering how much they will really cost in the end.

I also considered having them carry fans:

But then I figured that handing out fans to the guests is a must (it will be 85 and humid) so I didn't want the bridesmaids carrying fans as well. Also, it probably isn't best for the bridesmaids to be up there fanning themselves. (A little distracting...)

Then my maid of honor suggested parasols. I wasn't sold until she started sending me pictures. I LOVE this idea. Take a look at some pictures she and I found:

Maybe I will get one for myself for some pictures too. I figured we could wrap them in bubble wrap and each bridesmaid could travel with it on her own. They are pretty lightweight so they shouldn't add much to their baggage. And it will keep the sun off them during the ceremony. My bridesmaid, Tanya, also suggested that maybe we can match the fans that we give guests to the color of the parasols. And they are less than $10 a piece on luna bazaar!

What do you think? What unique things have you seen bridesmaids carry?