successful sewing weekend

Well, it was almost all successful. I royally messed up making over one of the FH's button down shirts. I was trying to make it into a dress and it looked really good until I tried making the sleeves fancy. It is at the point of no return. But you win some, you lose some. And this was definitely a learning experience. At least it wasn't with fabric that I had bought at the store.

I also made a toile desk cover for the office makeover. And, I got to learn how to use my new serger that the FH got me as an early birthday present!!

But my most successful endeavor this weekend was my trip to Hancock Fabrics. All Simplicity and Butterick sewing patterns were on sale for one dollar and 99 cents, respectively! This was great because normally they are around fifteen dollars.

Here are some patterns I bought:
I got this one so that I could try and recreate this J. Crew skirt:

So I got a violet fabric at Hancock fabrics.

Butterick B5316

I am probably going to use one of the three Butterick patterns to sew a dress for my future goddaughter's baptism.

I want to make this dress if I have time to wear to one of the many bridal showers I have in May. (And maybe I will attempt one of the jackets too!)

And I would like to make this for one of the weddings I am going to in June.

Hopefully, I will have the time to do all of this! I may have to leave one of the dresses for later.

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