snowpocalypse 2010 (part 2 or 3 or however you look at it)

More snow is supposed to arrive on the shore AGAIN tonight. The FH and I decided to go to ACE Hardware to get some shovels because a) he needed some for the office and b) our shovel sucks. ACE is the only one in Salisbury that had shovels in stock today.

When we drove up to ACE we realized that the parking lot was packed so I jumped out of the car to get a head start. There was a line of bundled up people at the door. I just figured the line for the register was long so I stepped ahead to past the line when I was stopped by the ACE bouncer. The line was to get into the store! I don't even think I have seen this much security in a bar. And bars have drunk people!

Last week, apparently, a fight broke out over a shovel. How could I miss that?! Just imagining this scenario in my head made waiting worth while. Along with the FH's inappropriately loud comment about how much one gets paid to be a bouncer at ACE Hardware.

Well we stood in line to get into the store in order to get into another line for shovels where a man asked you what you wanted. They ran out the shovels we needed. Ugh.

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