is a diy wedding dress safe?

So yesterday my mom said that if I was open to the idea, we could use the fabric from her wedding dress to make my wedding dress. She said her wedding dress had a lot of texture (which I want) - the fabric has cording or something. I asked if we could just get rid of the 80s sleeves and I could try to fit into it. She weighed 90 pounds when she got married. I do not.

Now, before I go ahead, my mom is not completely out of her mind. She does have a degree in fashion and costuming or something. And I had considered maybe getting someone to make my dress instead of buying one in a store.

I guess I am just a little nervous about it. It feels a lot safer to go into a store with a dress that is already made which would just need a few alterations. But then again, a dress made just for me - that would be pretty awesome.

Here are a few things we have gone over so far:
1. Her dress is white. I not only want ivory but for my skin tone and the time of year we are considering, I think ivory is a must. She thought of this before I said anything and said we could dye the fabric ivory. I am going to trust she knows what she is doing here.
2. If she designs it how do we get it from paper to a dress? Well she and I decided that it will be way to time consuming to sew it ourselves. We have someone who has sewn dresses for me before when I was younger so she could probably do it. And I guess we could mix and match dress patterns to get exactly what we want.
3. She did not preserve her dress. And she just stuck it in a box and hasn't looked at it. Hopefully it is still in one piece.
4. My parents are divorced. Is it bad luck to use the same fabric from their wedding? I am assuming the strength of your marriage has nothing to do with what dress you wear that day. But that is just me.
5. How will we know what looks good on me? I guess we would still go wedding dress "shopping" but it would be more for style and cut and less about finding one dress.
6. Could I still have some lace detail which I love? I guess if the cording gives it enough texture then it might be ok without it.

There are some dresses that I love that I know I can't afford. So if we could try and come up with stuff I already like that would be perfect.

I guess I just need some reassurance. I think if it all works out it would be absolutely awesome. And I guess the back up plan would just be to go and get a dress. What do you think? Have you done this or do you know of anyone that has made their wedding dress? (Pictures would be great!!)

My mom sent me pictures of some quick sketches she did. This is an idea for the front of the dress with and without a bolero.
This is an idea for the back of the dress. Not the final ideas. Just starting to brainstorm...

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