venue shopping: green hill country club

We went to look at our first reception (and maybe ceremony) venue this weekend, Green Hill Yacht and Country Club. The grounds will look a little greener in the fall than it does in this chilly weather. And the inside will lack the Christmas decorations, although they are beautiful.

Here are some not so great pictures we took while we were there:

This is the room where the reception would be held. I love the wooden rafters.

This is the room where the buffet would be set up if we opted for a buffet.

This is where the bar for the cocktail hour would be along with space on the outside deck depending on the weather.

If we decided to do an outdoor ceremony, this is where it would be held. It was kind of a gloomy day but I think you can still see how pretty it is.

These were some bridges we thought looked cool.

Donna, who is the facilities coordinator really was awesome and answered all of our questions. She really seemed to know what she was doing. We also went to the Delmarva Bridal Show today and asked some of the photographers if they had shot weddings at Green Hill before. Not only did they say what a beautiful place Green Hill is for pictures but that Donna is really on top of her game.

I have always wanted to get married on the water so I am really leaning towards Green Hill for the reception and the ceremony. I guess we have a lot of time to decide. We aren't planning a to get married until Fall of 2011!

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