to record or not to record - that is the question

So a few weeks ago, my fiancé and I decided, to save money, we were going to forgo the videographer for our wedding day. I wasn't particularly thrilled but after a few days I was at peace with it.

This weekend our friends came over and brought their wedding DVD. There were shots of her getting ready with an added Micheal Bublé song. There were their wedding vows (along with the mispronunciation of names by the minister.) And of course, there was dancing! They said they are so glad they got a video because the day is a blur and there is so much you end up missing.


I want to be able to curl up in my sweats on the couch with a pint of Ben & Jerry's (which I will have deprived myself of for so long to look smashing in my wedding dress) and laugh and cry and cringe at all of the things that I missed. I want to watch myself excitedly getting ready while my bridesmaids help me fix my make-up and put on my garter. And I want to hear his voice shake as we say our vows. I want to be able to show it to our children 20 years from now while they are whining wondering why the heck they have to sit and watch it. Man, since when did I get so sentimental?

Crap. Crap! CRAP!!!!

Ok so now I am on a mission to find a way to affordably have our wedding video recorded. I feel bad asking one of our guests to do it. I want them to be able to relax and have a good time and not be stressed (unless one of them offers to take on this pain).

I have found professional videographers who will hand over the video in a digital format for you to edit yourself. I mean I have a Mac and iMovie and lots of Frank Sinatra in my iTunes. I think I could piece together something nice. But even that costs a lot.

I suggested to the fiancé about looking on craigslist. Or posting an ad. But he was very skeptical. "What if he gets in the way of the photographer or you get someone really sketchy or someone who doesn't follow through?" I mean of course I would interview them first but he was still not fully on board.

So then I was thinking. We have Salisbury University right here. And they have a Communications department. I was talking to one of my friends from work and she said that she had gone on a field trip with her son's elementary school to visit their Communications department and they seemed to be a good group of kids. And I don't know about you, but I knew some pretty creative kids in college that I would have absolutely trusted to do my wedding video.

We could pay them or maybe they could do it as an independent study or for their portfolio. And of course we would feed them (which was a big plus when I was in college - or even a big plus now!) Maybe I should contact one of the communications professors for recommendations.

What do you think?

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  1. You know how I feel about videos Morgan - I would die if I didn't have mine!

    PS You forgot the part where we arrive at the reception to the song about making love. Why would you NOT want that??


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