rip fondue pots

I LOOOOVE fondue! My grandmother has been doing fondue for as long as I can remember and it has become a family tradition. So in high school it was only fitting that I receive a fondue pot of my own. A few years later, I got another from a friend in college. This is great because you don't have to clean out one to have another course. And no they do not just sit in my closet. I do actually use them. My favorite is definitely dipping apples in mexican cheese, Melting Pot style.

One night, though, I left them at a friends house in college after a fondue night and when she returned them she forgot to put in the magnetic breakaway cords. I never checked the boxes and she has since moved. But no worries, right? I should just be able to call up Rival to get replacement cords and I will be throwing fabulous fondue parties in no time.

Wrong. Rival no longer has these replacement cords. So basically my dreams of having fondue soiree is shattered. I searched everywhere online and cannot find them. I did find a website where someone talked about taking apart the pots somewhat and using some other type of cord but that sounds kind of dangerous to me. Any ideas? It feels like such a waste to just throw them out. They are model numbers FD 325 S and FD 300 D, in case that helps.

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